The  new jeep grand cherokee chandler has been launched recently and has become the dream vehicle of riding enthusiasts. It has left its mark in the automobile market and given great sales to the company. The Jeep Grand Cherokee comes in many variants, some of which are –

  • Limited
  • Laredo
  • Summit

Listed below are some of the specifications of this multiple times awarded SUV that make it worth buying.

Engine: The  new jeep grand cherokee chandler has a 3.6 liter V6 24V WT UPG I w/ESS ethe engine which makes it a proper vehicle to be termed a ‘beast’.

The engine is very powerful and ensures an enriching yet powerful driving experience.

Transmission: 8 – speed automatic

The vehicle has 8 gears which ensure that the driver limits the speed according to his surroundings and keeps himself as well as other people safe and sound.

The vehicle is also equipped with a Parkview back camera so that drivers – well experienced, as well as amateurs, can park the car well, without causing any scratches to this flawless work of art.



The vehicle comes with multiple features that are equipped with the responsibility of keeping the drivers and passengers safe. These include –

  • Blind-spot monitoring system
  • Advanced brake assist
  • Auto headlamps control
  • Full speed FWD collision warn plus
  • Lane departure warn plus

These features together work in harmony by giving audio as well as visual warnings whenever other vehicles are nearby, the car is about to go out of lane, or the driver is driving too fast that it may cause accidents and collateral damage.

The  new jeep grand cherokee chandler has integrated voice command and Bluetooth features which helps in effective navigation and location tracking.

There are front fog lamps that have been designed keeping in mind the diverse weather conditions around various locations on the globe. The lamps help the driver have clear vision even in heavy fog which prevents possible collisions and accidents.

The car provides keyless entry to save precious seconds of the driver’s time and has illuminated entry indicators.

A 12-way power driver seat ensures total comfort to promote a hassle-free driving experience.

The driver’s seat provides the following comforts:

  • Power recline
  • Height adjustment
  • Forward movement
  • Cushion tilt
  • Lumbar support

These specifications work together to reduce fatigue for the driver and help him drive efficiently without having any muscle pain or soreness.

Apart from these, the Jeep Ten Grand has other additional benefits too. They are listed below to give a concise description of the car to interested consumers.

  • Air filtration
  • Apple car play for device users
  • Cargo space lights so make the task of arranging luggage easy
  • Push-button start
  • Proximity key

The MSRP price of the various variants of the new Jeep Grand Ten Cherokee Chandler ranges from 38000 to 39000 dollars which makes it the first choice among offroaders. All in all, the car has everything one needs in an SUV and is worth buying for all those wonderful and thinkers who keep on procrastinating over their buying decisions.