How to Run A Successful Amazon PPC Campaign In 2022?

How to Run A Successful Amazon PPC Campaign In 2022?

Amazon offers a lot of growth potential and it has placed an example for the partners by growing rapidly with time. It has used the flywheel effect and was remained very successful with it. It lured customers with low price items and then by offering sellers to join the platform it created options for the buyers. A value-added customer experience was then used to cash the things done in the first place. Every seller joining Amazon can also try that with comfort. It just requires making a wonderful strategy to make good use of the platform and the millions of loyal customers. You just require selecting a product that you can afford to sell at a lower price. And, once you have that perfectly priced item supported by the quality features then it is just the “reach” that is required. You can know more at

The reach is ensured by two factors i.e. Amazon SEO and Amazon PPC campaigns. As a seller, you can try any one of them but it is good to try both, especially when you are a fresh seller. Amazon PPC campaigns will however cost you a substantial amount of bucks. Hence you also need to be careful and smart while looking to run a PPC campaign.

Here is how you can do it for better results.

1. Keep Your Amazon PPC Campaigns Well Structured

Keeping your campaigns structured and organized will let you gain more control over the outcomes. You can better manage your campaigns and can, of course, ensure the best results by simply staying organized with your campaigns. You can categorize all of your stuff by designing things about the following three factors.

  • Product category
  • Brand
  • Top selling products

You can simply run pay-per-click campaigns for different product categories that you own under your seller account. Similarly, brand awareness can be created with the campaigns while they are always useful for top-selling products. Staying organized will let you focus and to remain focused you need to set targets right upfront. Setting the goals for your PPC campaigns helps you remain steadfast and organized in your endeavors. Visit the website to learn the inside hacks now.

2. Bind Similar Products Together

You can easily set ad groups for your campaigns and that will always provide you the control you need. Setting the add groups to make you group products in a specific category and will lead to the grouping of keywords. You will always be able to save your time as well as the bucks by grouping your products. But it is good to add only similar products as you cannot sell keyboards with the processors sensing that both different products belong to the same IT category. You can however bind wireless keyboards with conventional ones.

3. Try Automated Campaigns

While manual campaign settings are always meant to provide you the control you need with your PPC campaigns, automated ones are also a gift. You can try automated campaign settings as well. Leaving everything to Amazon will let you see how things work in specific settings. You can assess your campaign for certain keywords by setting the automated campaigns. It is not recommended that you should leave everything on autopilot for mere research. But try it at least once for a few days if you want to learn something out of it.

4. Make Sure Your Targeted Keywords Match Your Listings

The success of every campaign your run-on Amazon will rely on the quality and relevance of keywords used in the process. Keyword derives the entire process and can make a campaign look either useful or useless. It is therefore always good to choose the set of keywords wisely. Only the relevant keywords will help you get quality traffic as your ad will appear only to the relevant customers. But adding irrelevant keywords means you are surely going to waste your money as people may not get to your listings. You need to add the keywords to your product listings if you think some useful keywords can bring traffic to your listings.

5. Get Specific and More Targeted Keywords

Running any PPC campaign will depend on the quality and relativity of the keywords, as mentioned earlier. The specific the keyword the better. It will make your ad appear to the right audience and will also help bring traffic to your product listings. All less-targeted keywords will make you waste money.

6. Utilize Negative Keywords and Match Techniques

Amazon helps sellers by offering two very useful features. The negative keywords can be used to avoid your ad from appearing in the irrelevant search results. By adding the negative keywords you are used to ensuring that your ad must not appear to a viewer that is less likely to buy. Similarly, match types can be tried for accurate bidding. You can set broad, phrase and, exact match in the settings.

7. Track the Product Performance

The success of your PPC campaign will always depend on how well your product or product group is performing. A spike in sales or a better conversion rate simply means you are running a successful campaign while the opposite of this is not a good sign at all.

8. Watch for Your Competitor’s Tried Keywords

People already succeeding on Amazon must have tried something wonderful. And, the way PPC campaigns rely on keywords, it is always good to try the keywords that your competitors are using. It is not necessary to try everything but you can at least try the ones that are being tried for the best-selling products.

9. Bid Higher for New Keywords

You should try a higher bid price when you are adding a new keyword to the existing campaign. Amazon has nothing to consider for the newly entered fresh keywords. Hence a higher bid price is the only thing that can be done to get better impressions.

10. Analyze Your Data and Optimize Your Campaign

Remember, you are not spending that much for mere show up. You are spending to get some sales, this is why it is good to analyze your campaign for the desired outcomes. You are strongly recommended to optimize it if you see it requires some adjustments.