Nepal Government Prepare the open international flight Soon

Good news to all dear travelers, for your favorite Himalayan destination in Nepal the government has relaxed the lockdown. Aiming to resume all international flights very soon from the coming autumn / falls season, likely by August/ September onward.

Where travelers from the USA, Europe, Australia, and Asian countries can visit Nepal depending upon your international connecting flight to Nepal. Some badly affected countries from COVID-19 like the USA, Brazil, and some European countries might have restrictions on travel outside the country.

Nepal is ready for all visitors from September or even earlier where enthusiastic travelers can marvel at the magic of Himalaya soon. The Lockdown seems to be over in Nepal, however safety measures are taken from cleanness, and hygiene with thorough medical check-up.

Where travelers can feel at ease with Nepal safety measures, and precaution to avoid the second wave of Covid-19. However, visitors can acquire all information regarding the country’s preparation in dealing with the deadly coronavirus.

The reason behind opening international flights much early is that Nepal, the only least affected country. From the spread of Coronavirus, than other neighboring countries and the rest of the world, as people are bored from monotonous life.

Nepal will be a great opportunity for eager travelers who need a change of scene and to breathe fresh cool air. To be found only in Himalaya, where travelers can make plans to visit the beautiful and oldest country Nepal.

Most countries on this planet are still facing terrible Coronavirus, and living in a life of misery and boredom. With no freedom and outdoor activities well Nepal can be a few countries that have flung its door open for visitors.

Grab the opportunity while you can before another virus might get around, well we all do not know for sure. What it will be the next move in the coming years till anti-Covid-19 vacation will be around to save the world.

Nepal Government Prepare the open international flight from AUG 17, 2023

Why is the Nepal Government preparing to operate the international flights soon for various good reasons, as well as securing the safety measures. The world economy is dwindling to its lowest in the history of global financial business and trade due to Covid-19.

Where some countries are flexible with Lockdown, at the same time Nepal is following suit to recover from financial crises. Although nearly all countries in the world were paralyzed and the daily moment came to halt by Coronavirus.

With the opening of an international flight, the tourism industry will come back to life and active as it was before. A delightful news for all travelers, where one can book for an exotic adventure through your travel agents for the coming season.

After months of lockdown and controlling the spread of Covid-19, the Nepal government has finally decided to resume all international flights. So now travelers across the world can finally prepare and book for exciting Himalayan holidays through your travel agents.

Few regulations that travelers to Nepal should know before you plan your upcoming trip to various adventure destinations in Himalaya like trekking in Nepal. First check-up with your respective country’s Government of the present law that you are free to travel. Acquiring medical reports that you are safe from Covid-19, and then book for direct flight to Kathmandu or through connecting airlines.

Nepal so far has always been a safe and secure country compared to the rest of the world, from coronavirus. Although Covid-19 still getting stronger in some countries, people have learned to survive and are always eager to travel.

Whatever the situation around the world, Nepal is ready to welcome visitors opening international flights. So that all travelers can enjoy a pleasant and exciting holiday after being pent up since the outbreak of Coronavirus.