NeNe Leakes’ ‘Cocktails &; Conversation’ Video With Jennifer Williams Is Uploaded On Her YouTube Channel

NeNe Leakes’ ‘Cocktails & Conversation

NeNe Leaks’ ‘Cocktails & Conversation’ Video With Jennifer Williams will have a live video later today on Instagram, and fans couldn’t be more excited. Look at the NeNe message he shared on his social media account.

‘COCKTAILS AND CONVERSATION with my girl @jenniferwilliams She has a LOT to say. You don’t want to miss this one! TUNE IN LADIES & GENTLEMAN TOMORROW NITE, “NeNe wrote in his post.

A follower shadowed Jennifer and posted this message: “Jennifer is lying so much that you can’t believe anything she says.” Sorry, I’m not sorry, “and someone else said,” Baby, please don’t let me go up there lying on your good Hunni Time … because the old man has already spilled the tea. ”

Someone else said to NeNe, “Don’t let Jennifer park her car in the driveway of your house or you would be next as the person who stole her ride!”

One commenter said: ‘I wish Jennifer had another platform besides BBW because her executive producer has changed for the worse. Jenn might want to be careful because she is dark skinned. Well, the EP was already treating her badly anyway. The EP better watch it because the disaster will hit the fanatic when they discover that the one who protected and mistreated others has actually been with her ex-husband. ”

Someone else said, itamos We need Jenny behind the scenes. @neneleakes is the personality without a doubt

The other day, NeNe shared a video on his social media account in which he is offering valuable advice to his fans and followers. We are living in quite uncertain times, and many people are scared by what tomorrow may bring.

Someone else was grateful to NeNe for posting this video and said: ‘Thanks for posting because I need to go back to YouTube to finish watching this interview… Nene you are a great interviewer/ host. Your friend Wendy knows that you are capable of doing her job. You’re awesome & inspiring.’

Another commenter said: ‘Bravo wrong for having everybody wear white and leave you out just foul! I’m so happy you changed Greg was ?percent right!’

Someone else said: ‘Jennifer seems really naive when it comes to men. I’m with NeNe. Why didn’t you just leave the car at someone’s home you trusted like her? When you googled him and he didn’t show up, something should’ve gone off in your head, right at that moment. I’m sorry, but she dropped the ball on that one.’

One other follower posted this message: ‘Jennifer needs to be careful. She is now bringing attention to crime rings including fraudulent activity, auto theft, credit card theft, chop shops etc. Those are dangerous people.’

Another person said that they ‘Never liked Jennifer, but watching her here is making me change my mind. She is classy and tends to listen and allow others to shine. She is definitely not competing for attention.’

One YouTube user said that ‘I like Nene’s advice about ‘allowing a man to choose YOU. My mom has always said, “The man that really wants you ( not necessarily the man YOU initially want) will be the man that treats you the best.” I understood this as I got older.