Most valuable books of the 19th century

If you are a person who loves collecting rate books, you will come across the need to spend and purchase the most valuable books that are available in 19th Century. If you can do a simple research on the internet, you will come across numerous options. In order to make the life easy for you with collecting valuable books, we thought of sharing a list of some of the most previous books that are from 19th Century.

The Federalist (First Edition) by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, & John Jay

The Federalist is one of the most sought-after books in United States. You can also call that as an exceptional copy that can be found in original boards as well. This book is about the story of Roger Alden, who worked as a soldier in Quebec. He was fighting for Germantown back in the year 1977. He was able to rise through the ranks and eventually become the brigadier of Huntington. Along with that, he was able to become one of the most prominent figures in the

country. You can find many books written on this brave soldier. Out of them, The Federalist is the most prominent one.

Dubliners (First Edition) by James Joyce

Dubliners was initially published back in 1914. A first edition book of Dubliners will cost around half a million dollars. In fact, only 120 copies were published from the book within the very first year. All those copies were published by James Joyce himself. It has further contributed towards the value of these books. You can find Dubliners book in the auction records from year 1975.

There is a total number of 15 short stories within the book. Shapero book seller says that all these short stories are illustrating the lives of middle-class families who belonged to the 19th Century in Dublin. All the stories of the book were written in Irish nationalism. In fact, the Irish nationality is known for raging. Therefore, you will come across some unique stories within Dubliners.

In Our Time (First Edition) by Ernest Hemingway

In Our Time is the second book that In Our Time has ever published. In the first edition of the book, only 170 copies were launched. In Our Time was a short story collection. The book was initially published in the year 1925 within New York. Content that you can find in In Our Time book was derived from the English book named Common Prayer.

Inside In Our Time, you can find numerous short stories, which belong to a variety of topics. These stories rotate around themes such as separation, grief, loss and alienation. In addition to that, Ernest Hemingway has also written short stories that are related to current events, bullfighting and acts of war. The unique writing style of Ernest Hemingway played a major role behind the popularity of the book. As a result, you can still call it as one of the top selling books available as of now.

The Murder of Delicia by Marie Corelli

The first edition of The Murder of Delicia was launched to the market in the year 1900. Within the very first year, more than 52,000 copies of the book were sold. Hence, you can also think about adding it to the list of most valuable books that belong to 19th Century. It was the most popular melodramatic novel that Marie Corelli published ever.

The main story of The Murder of Delicia book was an attractive character. The role of this character within the book contributed a lot towards its popularity. The character had some controversial traits, but it went okay with the readers. Hence, people got attracted to the content of the book and started spending their money to purchase it. It is often being said that The Murder of Delicia was a book that could inspire open mockery.

The Soldier’s Wife by G.M.W. Reynolds

The Soldier’s Wife was a bestseller book from the 19th Century. Back in the days, fiction written by Reynold was extremely popular. He can also be considered as the most published man of 19th Century as well. Out of the books published by the author, The Soldier’s Wife was the most successful. Hence, you can think about adding the first edition of this book into the list of most valuable books without keeping a doubt in mind. It is also important to note that the same author wrote a large number of werewolf novels in the past as well. When you are reading The Soldier’s Wife book, you will be able to get a better understanding about the lives of soldiers who lived during the 19th Century.

Take a look at these valuable books and see if you can afford any of them to your collection.