How to Buy Bitcoin with a Bank Account without Verification

How Do I Transfer Bitcoin To My Bank Account.

Most of the people think that the process of buying Bitcoins is complex. But with a little knowledge buying bitcoin could be easier. First of all, you should have a Digital Wallet to buy bitcoin because most of the companies require this.

When bitcoin was introduced people began to think that this is not a trustworthy way to exchange money and to do business with it but then bitcoin introduced a publicly distributed ledger known as the blockchain. This ledger gave them permission to check and track the bitcoin anywhere. This step builds trust but people are busy and they want their work to be done quickly. That’s why they search for a way of buying bitcoin without any verification because the process of verification takes longer.

Most of the time the charges involved with buying bitcoin without any verification are high but there are some exchanges that can provide you with bitcoin in a bank account without requiring an ID verification on lower charges.

There are many cryptocurrencies exchanges that provide bitcoin to its customers without any verification.


  • BitQuick
  • LocalBitcoins
  • CoinMama
  • Wall of Coins
  • LocalCryptos
  • Bitcoin ATMs
  • ShapeShift
  • BitSquare

Buy Bitcoin through BitQuick

If you want to buy bitcoin without any verification then BitQuick makes it easy for its customers to buy bitcoins by depositing cash in thousands of United States Banks. Customers agree on a commercial price and then the seller sends bitcoins through BitQuick which acts as a guarantee or escrow.

The bitcoin buyer deposits money into the bank account of the seller. When the payment is confirmed BitQuick releases the bitcoin to the buyer.

Buy Bitcoin through LocalBitcoins

To buy bitcoin through LocalBitcoins buyers and sellers make offers and it is necessary to agree to the terms and conditions of the trade before performing any transaction. LocalBitcoins avail their customers with different options to buy bitcoin without any verification. They can buy bitcoins by depositing money or by exchanging money.

Buy Bitcoins through CoinMama

Coinmama is well reputed and considered as the best option for first-time buyers. People can buy bitcoins without ID verification through Coinmama. There is no need to display or show any identity card or something. You are just required to have a bank account and a digital wallet to buy bitcoin from CoinMama with no verification.

Buy Bitcoins through Wall of Coins

Wall of Coins works from user to user exchange. It is gaining its popularity and currently working in many big countries. It is providing its customers with its services in the United States of America, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, Philippines, Poland, Latvia, and Argentina.

Wall of Coins just asks for a contact number to use it in the future. Most people think that it is for verification purposes but that is completely wrong. They don’t require any identity or other verification.

Buy Bitcoins through LocalCryptos

LocalCryptos is a peer to peer market and does not require any identification or verification to operate on the platform. Its customers are currently present in more than 15000 different cities all around the world.

To buy bitcoin via LocalCryptos you can find the seller online and talk to him. You are just required to send them money through a bank account, SEPA, or simply deposit cash to the seller bank account.  The charges are predefined and they depend on the person. Like the fee is 0.75% for the buyer and 0.25% for the market maker.

Buy Bitcoins from a Person

This is one of the best ways to buy bitcoin without any identification or verification. You can simply find a bitcoin holder and ask him to directly sell bitcoins to you. Buying bitcoins from a person can also provide you with the best exchange rates or some time it is possible that you can buy bitcoins even lower than the market price.

Buy Bitcoins through Bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin ATMs work just like a regular ATM but it is a bit different in their working. Regular ATMs provide you with the cash in hand but bitcoin ATMs send the bitcoins to the Digital Wallet in your smartphone or computer. There are some companies that require verification on ATMs but most of the bitcoin ATMs provide you with the bitcoin without any ID verification.

These things should be kept in mind that buying bitcoin from an ATM will charge 5% to 10% as their company’s markup. This is the fee for the privacy that is being provided by the ATM to its user.

Buy Bitcoins through ShapeShift

Buying bitcoins through ShapeShift is a popular way. One of the main reasons behind its popularity is that it requires no verification to start working with it. You are required to register on the ShapeShift platform through an email ID but it is not necessary to insert the original one you can use a temporary email ID or an alias nickname.

It is being trusted for years and it provides its customers with the best competitive exchange rates. You are just required to have altcoins so you can buy bitcoins from ShapeShift without any email or ID authentication.

Buy Bitcoins through BitSquare

BitSquare is a well-reputed peer to peer market. They are providing their services in the market of cryptocurrencies mainly for bitcoins. This is a fully decentralized exchange that does not require any verification. They will not ask for your name, email identification, or any other authentication. They do not hold any currencies or bitcoins on their servers. From the correspondence to the execution of an order, all aspects of this exchange are decentralized.

It supports platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac, and operating in almost 126 different cryptocurrencies including bitcoins.

The Bottom Line

Everyone wants to find a way so that they can buy bitcoins without any verification because the process of verification makes the purchase of bitcoin complex and confusing and the verification can take longer. If you want to buy bitcoins faster than using the above-mentioned cryptocurrencies exchanges are the best options for you.