Minecraft Tops List Of Paid Apps, Plus How To Setup A Server

Servers allow friends and strangers to collaborate in Minecraft” title=“Servers allow friends and strangers to collaborate in Minecraft

Minecraft Tops List Of Paid Apps, Plus How To Setup A Server Since its initial launch in 2009, Minecraft has been a top choice for gamers everywhere. On May 19, 2022, the app was listed as the number one paid app in the Apple App Store. The app also topped the charts in the PlayStore for Andriod users. While it’s position has fluctuated since its introduction to the online stores, the game has always been somewhere near the top of the list. However, recent times have brought the app back to the number one position. Analytics show that the game has spent more time in the number one spot than any other app available for smartphones.

Minecraft’s Robust History

The Pocket-Edition version has millions of reviews averaging 4.6 stars. Mojang continually puts out new updates and versions of the game. As time goes on, the inner workings of the game become more complex, offering greater possibilities for individualization to the user experience. 

The Pocked-Edition for mobile phones was released in 2011, two years after the initial game for desktop. Though the game is very advanced now, it was not always that way. In its early days, it consisted only of simple block moving. 

Version one had no weather features, clouds, or the sun! There were just simple collecting and gathering features, and a few zombies and creepers for players to run away from. The realms feature also did not exist, which is how users can join into the same game to play together. Yet, today, the possibilities for gaming alone and with friends in Minecraft are seemingly endless. 

How to Set Up a Server for Yourself

There are many ways to set up Minecraft server hosting. One option is using the built-in feature called ‘Realms,’ which enables users to pay a small fee to host private or public servers that their friends can join. However, tech-savvy users can also set up servers on their private computers for free. The process for setting it up is easy to follow: assess your situation, choose a server version, connect and set-up, and manage/use the server!

Assess Network & Computer Capacity

Before setting anything up, one must first look into the features of their computer. It will require a high amount of RAM to host a server. Without enough resources, the server might cause serious delays to the computer in use. 

Choose a version

There are dozens of services that offer downloadable Minecraft hosting servers. Vanilla, Shockybyte, and Apex are a few common choices. However, we recommend going to the Minecraft official page to get the best service. Once downloaded, you will need to accept the Eula, changing it from false to true.

Connect & Set-up

This step takes the longest amount of time. Each service will offer step by step for setting the server up on a personal computer. It will require some minor changes to the computer’s file storing systems, and then port-forwarding and IP-address sharing will need to be enabled to allow for others to join in. Follow the listed directions closely.

Manage & Use the Server

Now the fun can start! Once the server is set-up and running, users can immediately join in from any location. Keeping the server up-to-date will be important to stay in line with any new versions of the game that are released. However, server management is relatively simple. Once running, a server should be very low-maintenance.

Some speculate that the COVID-19 pandemic has gamers going back to their roots. With so much time on their hands, friends are getting together through virtual Minecraft realms to collaborate on building projects. Some universities even have hosted servers to allow students to design a Minecraft stage [more here] and host their own virtual graduation ceremonies. Yet, the Minecraft game app is perfect for gamers of any age or background. 

Minecraft Tops List Of Paid Apps, Plus How To Setup A Server