MindGeek And Its Feud Against website For Copyright Infringement

Have you heard the news of YesPornPlease.com, getting sued by MindGeek? This news is all over the internet because of the copyright infringement from YesPornPlease.com. It is really important to know that pornography sites are quite in a competitive sector. Therefore, to be on the safer side, being honest and posting real original content is the only key.

Unfortunately, YesPornPlease.com did not follow the norms as asked for, and started copying contents from MindGeek. That resulted in negative tone, especially after MG Premium came to learn about it. Even after repeated warning, YesPornPlease.com did not take the contents down from the site. As a result, MindGeek took legal action against YesPornPlease.com and sued the company with $462M.

The claims as made:

The porn giant, MindGeek Claims that YesPornPlease.com has infringed more than 3000 contents within the space of July 2017 and January 2024. It even produces all the details in the exhaustive 233 pages complaint. The evidences against YesPornPlease.com were pretty strong. So, as a result, the company had no other option but to shut it down. Now, you cannot find YesPornPlease.com anywhere at all.

Some points to note:

It is vital to know that MG Premium have not referred to the DMCA subpoena that it filed earlier. It means that it will not extract any of the detail of the site runners, as of now. Right now, MG Premium is aware of just the fact that YesPornPlease.com is hosted by one unknown Russian company, without any further information on its location and identities.

To top it all, third parties uploading infringing content in sites like YouTube remain immune under safe harbor provisions of DMCA. However, MG Premium clearly argues that YesPornPlease.com cannot be qualified for such provisions in here and for some copyright services only.

The requisite conditions:

YesPornPlease.com fails to fulfill the requisite conditions precedent for qualifying for any of the safe harbor provisions of DMCA. Mostly, this YesPornPlease.com site does not even have any appointed registered DMCA agent. It clearly shows that copying contents from MindGeek is not something that YesPornPlease.com should have done on the first place.

Aim for the best center:

It is mandatory to know that pornography sites are in huge competition. But, to be on the top, there is no shortcut and people cannot reach at the top by copying other contents. YesPornPlease is one finest example of the severe consequences such steps might have for sure.