What is the 1095 CRO van steel Composition?

1095 cro van steel composition or (Sharon Steel 50110B / Sharon Steel Carbon V / Sharon Steel 0170-6 / Sharon Steel 1095CV / Sharon Steel 50100B) Yes it has many Elias, based on its carbon steel 1095 Contains chromium, nickel and molybdenum.


1095 cro van steel composition:

  1. 1.1% of carbon: It improves hardness and wear / corrosion resistance, but it also loses a high amount of energy.
  2. Om 0.6% of chromium: for tensile strength and edge retention, and increases corrosion resistance and wear resistance.
  3. Oly molybdenum 0.06%: Increase machinability and strength.
  4. 0.25% Nitrogen: Improves strength and edge retention.
  5. Mang 0.5% Manganese: Increases hardness and brittleness.
  6. 0.25% Silicon: Increases strength.
  7. Operating system 0.025% of phosphorus: Increases energy.
  8. 0.025% of Ulf Sulfur: Increases machinability.
  9. Van25ium 0.25%: Improves wear resistance and durability.

Yes, it does. 1095 steel has a low amount of chromium (only 0.6%), which makes it a trend, so if you use it on a knife, don’t forget to take good care of it so you can avoid future rust.


1095 What are the features of CRO Van Steel?

According to its chemical composition and hardness, 1095 Crow Van Steel offers the following properties:

Edge retention: The steel is made up of chromium, manganese, vanadium and carbon, which makes it very hard steel with great edges.

Corrosion resistance: Steel is corrosive; It is low in chromium, which makes it very prone to rust.

Wear resistance: The 1095 cro van steel composition offers great wear resistance for a combination of vanadium, chromium and carbon.

Sharpness: Despite being hard steel, it is easy to sharpen, it will be an easy experience to sharpen.

Hardness: It is hardened steel, but it follows the rules of hardness and hardness, you can reach the hardness of 60Hrc with the help of 1095 cro van steel composition, but it will be worth the hardness.


1095 Is CRO van steel good for knives?

Yes, and no, it depends on what you want to use for your 1095 cro van steel composition knife, it has great edge grip, wear resistance, hardness and toughness so it is good for EDC knives with some “tough” use however If you want to use it in a wet environment such as fishing or hunting and you want it for durability the 1095 Crow Van cannot afford it, it has low corrosion resistance and you will find yourself with a rusty knife. So I would not recommend it, and you can find better steel that can carry a better amount than the same qualities for you.


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1095 Crow van steel composition is lower-edge steel. This is great for knives. It offers great edge retention, toughness, toughness, wear-resistance and is very affordable, so I wouldn’t recommend it if you want to use it in a wet condition, it’s a low chromium carbon steel with low corrosion resistance, so Oil and sharpen it to keep you in sick shape and avoid rust.