Mechanism and working of CNC wood Router

First of all, let us understand the actual meaning of CNC. The full form of CNC is Computer Numerical Control. Now as the name tells us CNC wood router machine is a machine that works based on computerized programs. It is used to perform various types of tasks such as; cutting, drilling, and mining. In the modern age of scientific advancement, the CNC wood router is a complete machine that works on various principles with various materials such as; it can work with wood, glass, steel, and aluminum, etc. The use of CNC machines in various fields provides us the facility of routing with a computerized machine instead of routing with bare hands. As a result, a fine piece of art is produced. The product thus formed is effective and defectless.

Now to understand the working mechanism of a CNC wood router, let us introduce some of the tools which a CNC router uses. A CNC router consists of a spindle that rotates in more than one direction to cut the material. It uses arms to do so. An extraordinary feature of the CNC router is that it provides maximum stability to the arms of the machine. Using these arms the machine can cut in any direction (x-axis, y-axis, or z-axis). Based on the cutting mechanism CNC router is categorized further into types like; 3 dimensional, 4 dimensional, and 5 dimensional CNC routers. Let us study the working mechanism of the CNC wood router in general.

Designing the Model

The working of a CNC router starts with the designing phase. CNC router works with various software like; CAD, CAM, or 2D/3D designing software. You can easily buy such a multitasking wood cnc router for sale from online websites. The designer starts working on the model keeping in view all the dimensions and lengths of the product. For example, if you are working with a wood CNC router, the designer will start designing the product such as; a table or chair with the help of designing software. The designer can design any shape (flat, oval, cylindrical, curved, or bent shapes having cavity) because the CNC router machine works with almost all the shapes mentioned above.


Converting the File

The next phase is converting the designed file (which can be in any format depending on the software which is used) into the file readable by the CNC router machine. This phase is also done by the designer. The designer converts the file into CNC readable format such as IGES format. So the design in the file can be converted into geometric codes. These geometric codes are run by the CNC machine. Based on these codes the CNC router operates and produces the desired product. These codes contain information about the geometry, shape, size, and length of the product.

Making the Machine Ready

The next phase is to start the CNC router machine to make it workable. This phase is done by the machine operators. These operators run the machine and make sure that there is no fault in the machine and the machine is running properly. If any issue arises in the machine the maintenance team fixes it before starting the project.

Execution of the Machine

As soon as the maintenance team fixes the machine, the machine is set to work. This phase is called the execution of the machine. There are CNC routers which work extraordinarily as fiber laser cutter machine for metal.  As the machine is fully computerized so this phase is done by the machine itself. The machine starts decoding the file we have provided it. As the file contain all the information about the product to be manufactured. So it starts working according to the program file. The arms and spindles of the machine start moving and cutting the material as programmed. At last, the machine will produce an extraordinary product in a short range of time.