Market forecast of Solid State Sensors – Set To Record Exponential Growth

Solid State Sensors: Introduction

  • Sensors are devices that can sense or detect a physical property. Solid-state sensors are the sensors with no mobile parts. Sometimes these sensors are confused with transducers or actuators that are supposed to react depending on the sensor response. The signal processing unit controls the whole system between sensor and actuator.
  • While using a solid state sensor it is necessary to have the sensor device and the signal processing unit on the same chip because the signal processing unit in it can be built as a semiconductor device
  • Solid state sensors are the products designed in such a way that they can measure the physical property and sense them. This process leads to an electrical reaction that can be detected and magnified with electronics.

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Increasing Application of Solid State LiDAR Sensors in Automotive Industry Driving Growth of the Market

  • Automotive LiDAR sensors are used to enhance a vehicle’s navigation capabilities by detection and avoidance of obstacles enroute. The Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) sensors are detection and survey systems to evaluate the nearness of an object. A LiDAR system principally consists of a laser, a scanner, and a specialized GPS receiver. An optical pulse is created by the laser, which is radiated and transmitted toward the target.
  • The time taken by the light pulse to bounce back and reach the receiver is measured (utilizing the speed of light) and thus the distance of the target is calculated. The technology has emerged as the main pillar for the vision of autonomous cars as it gives a 3D mapping of the vehicles surroundings. This enable a safe navigation system for the vehicles. Hence factors such as enhancing a vehicle’s navigation capabilities is driving the solid state sensors market.

Rise in Demand for Solid State Sensors and Product Launches

  • Manufacturers are providing various solid state gas sensors in the market and producing innovative products that are applicable in automotive and other applications. Some of the agreements and innovations in solid state sensors are highlighted below.
  • In January 2019, Innoviz Technologies and HARMAN International signed a partnership agreement to supply Innoviz’s high-performing, solid-state, and mass-producible LiDAR solutions to OEMs globally.
  • In May 2019, AMS, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, and Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH announced a partnership to combine capabilities of solid state LiDAR sensors in the automotive industry. The three companies will partner on joint R&D efforts to ensure that this new technology can be quickly and safely adopted by 2021.

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Manufacturers Focusing on Innovative Techniques to Enter the Developing Solid State LiDAR Sensor Market

  • Solid state LiDAR Sensor technology is attracting a great deal of attention due to its numerous applications in the automotive field. Manufacturers in the solid state sensor market are increasingly investing in research and development activities to find new and innovative techniques to develop solid state LiDAR sensors.
  • The solid state sensor market is highly fragmented with the presence of several manufacturers, especially in Europe. Moreover, product differentiation has become vital to gain a competitive edge in the solid state sensor market with the increasing number of manufacturers.

Key Players in the Global Market

The global solid state sensors market was highly fragmented in 2018. Prominent players operating in the global market are focusing on technological developments and expansion to meet the growing demand for solid state sensors. Moreover, manufacturers are entering partnerships for the development of innovative products and to gain higher profit margins.

Key players operating in the global solid state sensors market include:

  • Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH
  • LeddarTech Inc.
  • Phantom Intelligence

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