Woven Tapes Market is projected to expand during forecast period

Woven tapes are created by knitting and weaving fabrics used in various end-use industries such as textiles, healthcare and more. It is used for basic applications like stitching, wrapping, and others. Woven tapes have high usage in the healthcare sector as they can retain the adhesive nature for a longer duration than non-woven tapes. New alluring designs, logo, print on woven tapes have increased the demand for woven tapes in fashion industry also. Furthermore, in the construction industry, labourers use woven tapes to provide protection from falling while painting and construction. Woven tape producers are sporadically changing designs of woven tapes to meet market requirements such as different shape, rise and color. The demand for the woven tapes market will increase in the future due to its properties of tear resistance and stability which comes in addition to flexibility.

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Woven Tapes Market: Dynamics

The demand for woven tapes is increasing as the textiles industry is ever-evolving with times. The surge in redevelopment programs of flyover, bridges and buildings in emerging economies has increased the demand for woven tapes in safety procedures. The woven tapes market plays an important role in cost-effective packaging, as it can be used for packaging industrial product and containers in transit. The subsequent rise in import and export of industrial products is forecasted to increase the demand for woven tapes in the forecast period. High demands for agriculture bags, jumbo bags and other woven fibre bags, which is anticipated to rise the demand for the woven tapes market as woven tapes are used to provide structural integrity to bags. Apart from all these woven labels will also hugely impact the woven tapes market and drive sales due to cost-effectiveness and convenient usage. The textiles industry has seen the greatest transition in trends and opportunities over the past decade. Fashion, as we know, revolves around every day and the market has something new to offer with each new period. Woven labels and Embroided products are making astonishing sales which directly impacts the woven tapes market and will continue to increase revenue generation in future. Also the healthcare industry has seen a rise in demand for the woven tapes market for its adhesive properties for various medical purposes.

On the other hand, non-biodegradable plastic woven tapes do possess a challenge to the recycling process and cause an uproar among environmental organizations, depleting the sales by the implementation of stringent rules over the sale and causing a downfall in demand of the woven tapes market in some of the most matured regions.

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Woven Tapes Market: Regional Outlook

Emerging economies such as India, China in Asia-Pacific are expected to be a prominent market for woven tapes. An increase in disposable income will result in attraction towards fashionable outfits. The rise in population has resulted in many redevelopment projects in China and India which will positively influence the demand for the woven tapes market.

The Middle East and Africa region is undergoing infrastructural development which will increase the demand for the woven tapes market in the forecast period. North America and Europe are undergoing various restructuring of constructions that have stood for decades and planning commissions are introduced for renovation, demolition and developments across the continents to ensure structural integrity. This will exponentially raise the requirement of the woven tapes market in the foreseeable future.

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Woven Tapes Market: Key Players

Some of the global woven tapes market manufacturers: –

  • Arrow Textiles Limited
  • Frenzelit GmbH
  • J.V. Tapes
  • Stretchline Ltd.
  • 3A Associates Incorporated
  • Nastrificio Victor S.p.a.
  • Marshall Packaging & Insulations Industries