Macrame Wall Hangings are Back in Vogue

A lot of people are looking for a high-quality macrame wall hanging Australia, to decorate their homes today but where did it start? You might be surprised to learn that it actually comes from the 1200s when Arab weavers would craft as they travelled and then would trade their artwork with different settlements. It spread to Europe and to sailors also using it to create various pieces while they spent long periods of time at sea. When the sailors returned to a port they would sell and barter their work.

What is Macrame?

Macrame uses rope or cord-like materials to create knots and make a variety of decorative things from jewelry, wall hangings, mirror frames, plant holders, curtains and more. The size of the Macrame cord you use depends on what you are making. There are various knots to create different looks. They include the lark’s head knot, the reverse lark’s head knot, half knots, square knots, left-facing, right-facing, spiral stitch, clove hitch, overhand knot and gathering knot.

Popularity over the years

The popularity of Macrame has peaked and waned over the years but had mostly diminished until the Victorian era. It was very popular as a lacy embellishment on dress hems, in curtains, on pillowcases, in wall hangings, and even on women’s sleeves. But the more intricate and elaborate knotting techniques were lost along with a lot of designs and patterns. It came back briefly in the 1970s and you could find in a lot of homes with a macrame wall hanging Australia! There were also macrame plant hangers, mirrors and hammocks and all kinds of textiles and decorative furnishings for the home. With the eighties though, the popularity faded. In the nineties, it came back a little, with Macrame necklaces, bracelets and such but its popularity was not what it once was.

Beautiful macrame wall hangings

Now here we are in the 2024s and Macrame is back again and it looks like it is set to stay! Popular now for over ten years you can find all kinds of examples. Some famous clothing lines have added macrame accessories and some stunning dresses have been made. Check out Dianne Von Furstenberg’s work. But it is not just in the fashion industry that it has seen a revival. There are Macrame artists making fantastic wall hangings, and other soft furnishings for the home, as well as gorgeous pieces of art, people can hang. More people are recognising that Macrame is an art form and that those who master it are artists.


If you are looking for a macrame wall hanging Australia there are some great stores online with some very skillfully and beautifully made items. They make a great feature in any room, and you can choose to have one larger piece or you could add in several smaller pieces if you want. Or you could buy the tools and supplies and teach yourself how to knot and see what you can make for yourself!