Live Shopping or Livestream ecommerce is a trend that is presently gaining traction in China, and we may soon see Live Shopping in the USA utilized by brands across industries.

Do you recall the QVC purchasing channel and how addicting it was to see a host demonstrating products in real-time?

The foundation for Livestream Shopping is the same: demonstrating a product that is broadcast live through live streaming shopping platforms.

The COVID-19 issue, the rise of online shopping, and the growing desire of buyers to reestablish the human touch have all contributed to the popularity of this method of sales. Live Shopping or livestream eCommerce is a method of digitally replicating the buying experience at a physical store.

How is Live Streaming Shopping growing as a sales tool for Retailers?

Video’s Influence on Online Sales

We often stress the significance of product photography in eCommerce. Of course, pictures are important when selling online; but, live shopping enables consumers to view products with more clarity and understand the use cases of products practically.

Live commerce also allows customers to engage with products by allowing them to watch them in action or how they are utilized. The primary advantage of live shopping – seeing someone holding and discussing the goods enables all queries to be answered.

Instructions for usage, assembly, and installation

A video tutorial provides basic information as well as highly technical and complicated information on how to use a product. Live commerce humanizes the online shopping experience, provides a wealth of knowledge on how to utilize a product, and enables the product to be seen in use.

Tutorial videos are a must for cosmetics, skincare and beauty brands, but they may also be extremely helpful and innovative in any industry– for example, crafts to do with kids, methods to match items of clothes, and how to ‘break in’ a pair of shoes.

If you also include an expert in the videos, viewers will have a better sense that they are receiving important information.

Product launches

Live stream shopping can raise consumer expectations in a variety of ways, from a sneak peak to a premiere on the day of the launch. Particularly now that in-person talks, gatherings, and parties are limited.

Buyers today want to participate in live stream shopping shows even from a distance and this is the ideal method to witness firsthand what cannot be touched or experienced in any other way.


We’re talking about influencer reviews, unboxings, and hauls here. Any kind of live shopping show in which someone well-known talks about a product or incorporates the product for one of the most important benefits of Live Video Shopping is the ability to create a community.

Content for a brand

Brands can be more creative here, forming emotional and visual connections with the ideals they wish to convey via their goods.

Appropriate brand content elicits an emotional reaction connected with the experience of purchasing.

Entertainment is a constant component of all successful Chinese live shopping shows. These programs are not infomercials; they are entertaining and thrilling. Hence,the most effective way to do live shopping shows is to add an element of fun and entertainment to it. 


Livestream shopping is a trend that demonstrates the significance of audiovisuals in digital commerce, particularly in these times of social distance, limitations on access to physical stores, and event cancellation.

Including live stream shopping in an ecommerce strategy is a smart choice that, like the rest of the product contents, must be supported with high-quality data. This is because the primary aim of live commerce is to answer any questions that customers may have, offer them more useful information, and increase conversion rates.

When this is combined with decreased foot traffic on high streets as customers feel more at ease buying at home, the popularity of live video shopping is skyrocketing. Those who advance will reap the rewards., a best in class live streaming shopping platform, handles everything for you! 

Your customers will enjoy a better shopping experience online, and your sales conversion rate will improve. Furthermore, the real-time aspect creates a feeling of exclusivity and excitement, which in turn will attract new customers.

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