Liora’s Paradise

It is essential to know that the hospitality industry in the north of Israel is considered to be abundant and diverse. Still, if we talk about the Golan Heights, it is an impressive and adequate accommodation. Had Ness is regarded as the best place in the north to book a romantic or family vacation.  There is a variety of positions in Had Ness that allows you to make your stay more remarkable. There are hundreds of cottages, but Liora’s paradise will enable you to get the best experience.

It the perfect rural-romantic-nostalgic resort that never compromises on any detail during your vacation. There are 100 square meters of treats, pleasant experiences, and, most of all, an excellent atmosphere.

However, the place is suitable for all types of groups like couples, families with children.  Two couples or two families that are interested in a private experience can enjoy an exciting conference or workshop, a group of friends, and a special intimate event like birthday, engagement, and more. Furthermore, the complex is also suitable for the religious public and traditional observers. The pool times can be reserved for each unit to keep bathing modest and private.

Reasons to choose Liora’s Paradise

There are top five reasons to choose Liora’s Paradise:

  • Safe order
  • Manages your order online
  • The team speaks Hebrew
  • One of the top choices in the miracle
  • Unmatched prices

Moreover, families and couples can enjoy many other attractive landscapes in Golan Heights. There are many natural and human-made tourist attractions like:

  • The Jordan Park is 3.2 km away
  • Mountain of happiness is 9.6 km away
  • Luna- Gal Water Park is 10km away
  • Bible Museum is 12 km away
  • Forest Farm is 12.2 km away

Units in Liora’s Paradise

All the units in Liora’s Paradise feature a flat-screen satellite TV with seating area and balcony. Moreover, the kitchenette also has a microwave, toaster, fridge, coffee maker, and kettle. Bedding is also provided to the guests. It is fascinating to know that the property also offers a massage bath.

Each room comprised a luxurious king-sized bed, a living room, a pull out couch for the children, kitchen, and a large dining area. These rooms are counted as the luxury suits in Golan Heights. It is fascinating to know that the highlight of the pace is a private courtyard for every unit. Two units shared a vast swimming pool, and it includes antistatic stone flooring, shading net, tanning beds, and a sitting area.

Private pools

You can find two beautiful furnished cottages here along with a pool that is suitable for couples and families. The pool is based on the wildwood design that uses a rustic motif. Liora’s paradise also offers you to stay in the compound BB Golan Heights along with pool overlooking one of the most scenic views in the region. You will be able to introduce the Sea of Galilee.  Private pools in Liora’s Paradise allow you to spend an amazing and quality time with your loved one.

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