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 Top 5 best selling Russian language books 

List of the best Russian novels from some of the most popular Russian authors from different time periods in history. Some of these Russian authors show up multiple times for their various works, such as Leo Tolstoy, Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov, and Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

This list asks, “What is the best Russian novel?” and has plenty of choices to vote on. If your favorite novel has not been added to the list, be sure to add it yourself so that it can get some votes, as well. The list contains a variety of novel titles along with their authors to help identify them better and just skims the top of the best Russian novels.

These best Russian novels on the list were some of the main novels that contributed to all genres of literature, such as mystery, science fiction, and even magic and mystical creatures, as in The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov.

Russians have been awarded five Nobel Prize awards for literature, with four of them being for novelists and one being award to a poet and playwright. The four Russian novelists are included on this list of the best Russian novels to be voted on.

Crime and Punishment

  •      First Published: 1866
  •     Subjects: Popular literature, Conscience, Classics, Murder
  •     Genres (Book): Crime Fiction, Suspense, Fiction, Novel
  •      Original Language: Russian Language

2 The Brothers Karamazov

  •      First Published: 1880-11
  •     Subjects: Popular literature, Literary, Existence of God, Classics, Family
  •    Genres (Book): Suspense, Fiction, Novel, Philosophical fiction
  •    Original Language: Russian Language


3 Anna Karenina

  •            First Published: 1877
  •       Subjects: Music, Upper class, Literature, Russia, Adultery
  •        Genres (Book): Literary realism, Novel
  •          Original Language: Russian Language

4 The Idiot

  •           First Published: 1869
  •         Genres (Book): Novel
  •      Original Language: Russian Language


  5  War and Peace

  •         First Published: 1869
  •     Subjects: Popular literature, Name day, Napoleonic Wars, Russia, History
  •       Genres (Book): Romance novel, War novel, Historical novel, Philosophical fiction