A Sneak Peek into the Model Castings by Leonardo Glauso

Leonardo Glauso’s book “Model Castings” is now available for purchase on Amazon. The much awaited book is already a buzz among photography and lifestyle enthusiasts. The book contains stellar work of photographer Leonardo Glauso who captured the beauty of models and girls in style. Most of the pictures are epic masterpiece that truly reflects his ability to create magic with fashion nude photos.


Born in 1989, in Florence, Italy, Leonardo Glauso turns his passion for photography into his profession as a Professional Photographer. He mastered the photography skills in artistic nude and fashion photography. Apart from the exceptional skills, he holds a degree in graphic design from Libera Accademia delle Belle Arti in Florence. He always believed in attaining more knowledge as a way to enhance his skills and grow his career. This is perhaps the reason, he further chosen to study photography at Libera Accademia delle Belle Arti in Florence. Later, he founded Resuer magazine, an international fashion publication.

During his time in Milan from 2014 to 2017, he collaborated with enumerable agencies and magazines as fashion photographer. With the buzz of his remarkable work around, he always find ton of offers waiting at his door. He travels to European capitals to conduct castings and shootings that always keep him learning and adding more experience behind his back. At the moment, he lives and works in Florence where he keeps exploring new avenues with multiple types of creative projects and professional collaborations.

More about Leonardo Glauso’s Book

Model casting book highlights great work of professional photographer, Leonardo Glauso. The book has 130 pages with ultimate shots of nude young women. The pictures compiled his work over the years as nude fashion photographer. In his journey as nude fashion photographers, Leonardo kept working on bringing the picture to life by polishing the art of photography.  And the drastic improvement he achieved is manifested in the striking and sharp pictures in the book. The collections of pictures in the books are shot with different models in multiple settings that show his ability to adapt as the shot requires. With so much experience in line, no doubt, he can do wonders that no one could imagine.

For beginners, the book is a hub of wisdom to figure out the multiple aspects of capturing perfect photos. And, observing those pictures would bring marvelous impact on one’s perception.Hardcover: 130 pages
Language: English

the book which is available here – http://amzn.to/30KV8Dv

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