Who is Dr. Ali AlSaqoby? Uncover the Facts of the Kuwaiti Celebrity, that is a Leading Dentist with Incredible talents


With the prominent headlines such as TheGuardian, TheSun and Newtelegraph constantly circulating the exceptionally multi-talented dentist name: Dr. Ali AlSaqoby, we are compelled to present our lovely viewers with facts about the award-winning dentist that achieved remarkably much in multiple fields at a young age, in which would otherwise take eternities for others to accomplish!

Making Dr. Ali’s story intriguing, motivating and inspiring! He is only getting started with his tremendous grit and passion as a healthcare professional that gathered unfathomable fame and success. As a responsible personality and distinct from the so called “influencers”,

he utilized his fame consisting of a combined following of more than 1 million marks, to encourage his followers on taking care of their dental health by eliminating the negative stigma of “painful dentistry”. Helping to break the fear barrier, that is an obstacle for many to attend the dental office to potentially reach optimal dental health. Among many other positive influences, the accomplished dentist managed to create! Here are some of the other facts

About Dr. Ali

Born and raised in Kuwait for the majority of his life. Dr. Ali comes from an affluent family, and this makes one struggle to understand why would he not settle for luxury instead of working extremely hard to make a name for himself in various fields such as dentistry, sports, entrepreneurship and social media.

He simply answered the question to the guardian newspaper with “There is no pride in taking things handed to you on a silver platter”. Showing pure independence and desire to leaving something positive in this world. This mindset had positively made him the success he is today!

How did he receive a prestigious scholarship to study dentistry?

Not only he is a fully qualified dentist, but he is also a leading and highly sought dentist that mastered the craft of creating flawless smiles, judging by the occasional cases he shares in his Instagram. It is not a shocker that he will reach this height of success in the field. His history makes it not hard to predict! As a youngster he scored one of the highest marks in the country, to be granted a fully paid scholarship from the government to study dentistry in England.

He studied as a young scholarship dental student while maintaining his athletic ranking as one of the best soccer freestylers in the region. With the very demanding course, he managed not only to get the desired degree of master’s of dental surgery with excellence but also receive a prestigious award of the second most talented dental student, a rank that involved all universities of the United Kingdom!

How did he use his huge influence in social media?

With around 1 million followers combined, predominately on Snapchat, Dr. Ali manages to make a great positive influence on all age groups, for adapting awareness about their health and achieving their goal. Setting himself as a live example, leading a very successful multi-faceted lifestyle has made his advice particularly powerful.

He beautified the healthcare profession in the eyes of people that are discouraged due to the possibility of having no time for anything other than work. Where Dr Ali proved that there is time not only to be a doctor but to be a great one too along excelling in other fields.

How did he become world class athlete and person in charge of a sport in Kuwait?

Dr. Ali AlSaqoby is one of the pioneers of the emerging sport “soccer freestyle:, with years of ranking as one of the best under his belt. He became a highly sought-after athlete that traveled the world to perform on world class events such as EXPO Milan where he shocked the world with his exceptional talent on soccer skills! The news shared his documentaries and competed to interview him. Dr. Ali then received the award of one of the most influential characters of the world’s largest expo by the head of the delegation.

With his long history of achievements and awards in the sport, he was appointed by the world federation to be the Kuwait soccer freestyle president. This is when he took the scene in Kuwait to the next level. Not only he organized world renown events such as red bull streetstyle. But also, was in charge of a couple of championships that were run during the pandemic abiding with covid – 19 safety regulations to keep the sport alive and athletes motivated


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