KIDHANMA – Made his Name on the platform of Amazon by his Book

The world is full of talent, and people are taking steps to improve their mistakes and show the world that they can do some astounding things which didn’t be done by the other one else. People are growing up and growing world with them.

A man who is multi-talented from his childhood and making more improvements in his skills. And that man is KIDHANMA, who gets fame in his book. Let’s discuss his life story and discuss it.

Life Story:

KIDHANMA is a person who is working more prominently by his heart. He did him all work for his passion and love for that one thing is not so prominent. People are developing their soul with a talented body. KIDHANMA’s real name is “Armin Mokhtarinejad” buys know him by his author name. KIDHANMA was born on December 24, 1993, in Germany. He used to live in Iran, but fortunately, he moved to Germany with his parents earlier. The most fortunate thing is that this movement helped him to grow his skills more quickly.

KIDHANMA is a guy who used to do creative things while he was studying at school. His parents are too supportive and didn’t force him to do something more extraordinary in his life. At school time, he used to do different things while studying in that period of his life. He performs different tasks, like making music and singing music, but this thing doesn’t lead to success.

KIDHANMA also used to do Art. He did this thing for a very long time, but he was not so comfortable and made his interest in that field. After that, he starts to write some key points on a specific note. His passion for writing and art leads him to another way full of charms and chills. He used to write all his wishes and related things in his passion. KIDHANMA used to do art with writing because it more enhances the article’s look or impression on the other guy. His family is full of educated people, so no one stopped or restricted him from doing such stuff at a young age.

Published Book:

After applying hid all skills and efforts in other activities like making music, creating more delicate stuff and design or art is one of its favorite things. KIDHANMA is a writer of a person whos has more than one talent. He used to think that if he could be an animal, he would be a “Unicorn.” He is full of other talent, which is creative writing skills. He thought to publish a book of the name “How to be a unicorn in modern-day society,” which breaks the record and becomes Amazon’s bestseller book. A book is a source of success in his life. He has 10 k followers on Instagram because of his book, which consists of 11 concepts. He is still doing work on his project and making his parents and people around.