Meet with fantastic artist and Saxophonist named: David Taelon Vosges (T.V) Barnes

Every person has a different taste and sense of music, and most of the time, people listen to music according to their mode. Now, listen is something else but playing another. It’s not easy to play any type of musical instrument as it requires a lot of practice and interest. We often see that people used to spend decades learning music. But still, many people invest their time in learning the art of music and mesmerize the world with their unbelievable skills. Here, we must introduce the master of the saxophone, a living model of success; his name is David Taelon Vosges (T.V), Barnes. He is declared as one of the best and top American musicians. He can play saxophone like an expert, and he began his professional job as an 8-year-old genius in the city of Brooklyn, NY. Let’s discuss his life story.

Early life:

he was walking in Walt Disney World’s Parade of Lights with The New York City before his eighteenth birthday celebration with All-City Marching Band. They performed for Mayor Bloomberg at Gracie Mansion (where Wynton Marsalis considered him the best saxophone player for his age that he had ever heard). They showed artists and singers at Columbia University Teachers College Improv Camp.

A few encounters:

He has opened for Gladys Knight, Boyz II Men, Jimmy Cliff, Beres Hammond, and others. From that point forward, David has proceeded to dispatch an effective performance profession. He has become an acclaimed saxophone player just as working with probably the most famous specialists and artists. He is a much searched after craftsman in the Greater New York Area, including New York City and Long Island.


You can see David acting in a few states on the East Coast and working with cutting-edge guitarist Chris Bedward across various kinds. From that point forward, David has added a large and tall model to his list of references working with a portion of the top names in design, and now he has gotten America’s next top model. “You can tell Barnes is a skilled and complex saxophonist and skilled producer as soon as you start listening to the tracks.”

Social media:

His fans can follow him on his Instagram account @davidtvbarnes, where he has more than 27.2k Followers. You can use one of them. Moreover, the music artist also famous on Spotify, where he gets 50k Streams. He is a true legend, and his tones of saxophone always grab the attention of the people. TL Jones also praised him and said: “ If you like R&B, sultry saxophone solos, and catchy rhythms then you should listen to David Tv Barnes. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.” Moreover, people like David also welcome and promote others. You can visit his you can get all the details of his work and history. You can again book him for future performances and also check the quarries. Well, we wish him luck for his bright future.