JamesDJJ is coming back in the music scene with his new single Alice

After a while away from the singing scene, the 1 Year singer, JamesDJJ, is coming back with some new music, his new single is named “Alice” and is coming out on June 17th.

In the past months the artist was stepping back from the music scene, after his hit single “1 Year”, that he confirmed that is not going to be actually on his second album #J2.

However, we still know very little about this new song, that was registered on publishing services about 1 week ago, today, JamesDJJ finally announces that the single is coming out, and actually quite soon, however he kept very discreet, he didn’t reveal anything apart from the cover of the single.

Whe actually don’t even know if this single is finally anticipating his future album, however the artist confirmed that he is going to answer a Q&A about his upcoming song and maybe some rumor about his album.

The artist specified that he is going to answer some of the question he is going to receive in his direct messages of his Instagram account, @james.djj, pick some of them and answer those in a video.

Although he confirmed a Q&A, reliable sources that are in contact with the artist confirmed that the Q&A is going to have also an interview about his life and artistry, probably he is going to open on some of the global problems that the world is facing right now, like #blacklivesmatter.

Actually whe should only wait for his upcoming single “Alice” and see what JamesDJJ is going to reveal about his upcoming projects.