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There is no denying the fact that readers of today are the leaders of tomorrow. What you read and how much you read determines what you are. It goes without any doubt that to become a man of intellect, analysis, rationality and to quench the thirst of your curiosity, you should be the avid reader of books. It can be observed that all the great leaders of all time, in all walks of life who are experts in their fields are ardent readers and literary figures. The friendship of books brings the spark of light in the darkness of your life. Books are the companions of loneliness and the true guides which act as a mirror for people to identify their loopholes. Nowadays, as the pandemic situation has worsened and impacted all areas of life, people are confined to their homes, offices, closed markets shut down and day to day activities are at a halt; the chances of people becoming mentally and physically vulnerable are on the rise. Amidst such times the necessity of book reading has even more increased. Fortunately, there are opportunities for readers to still enjoy reading quality books without going to the market to buy them. Yes, has facilitated you by providing an online free site for book reading with awesome features. Amazing,  it’s it! was created over 15 years ago and has over one million members. It is a FREE site for readers. It is not a bookstore, and we do not sell books. We are a free online community for readers with all sorts of awesome free features and free tools for book lovers. In terms of going to bookstores like Amazon to get books, our own free Book of the Day tool notifies you when well-rated books go on temporary free promotions.

We have a ton of awesome features for book lovers and a massive community of active members from all over the world. There are over one million members on the site. The most prominent features of the includes:

  • Exclusive original reviews by our professional review team
  • Our free web app Bookshelves
  • Our book and reading forums

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Scott Hughes is the brilliant man behind this amazing and fruitful website of online books reading. He is the creator of His hometown is Manchester, Connecticut. To promote their novels, he has  worked with over ten thousand authors. For writers, bloggers, business owners, entrepreneurs, or anybody interested in technology, literature, or marketing, he is an excellent resource. You can connect with him on social media, write him a message, or ask him a question on anything, and he says he’ll try his best to assist you.

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