10 ways to live a sustainable life















With new innovations to support sustainable living, you can be the change that helps the environment. There are plenty of creative ways we can be more eco-friendly and environmentally conscious in our day to day life.

1 – Bring a Bag

You can reuse any paper bags or plastic bags around the house, or you can purchase reusable bags and us them to carry your shopping.

2 – Say No to Straws

Aside from plastic bags, straws are also a culprit in our ever-growing landfills. Invest in metal straws instead. If you don’t like how metal straws feel, you can choose to use paper straws.

3 – Support your Local Grocer

Buying from supermarkets generates a heavy carbon footprint. From packing to shipping. It’s more sustainable to purchase locally where you can opt to go plastic-free.

4 – Plant your own Garden

In fact, you should try to cultivate your own edible garden. You can have herbs, tomatoes and other plants right in your kitchen.

5 – Start Composting

Reduce food waste by starting a compost. This can be added to your garden which will, in turn, make your produce healthier. This can also cut down on methane production, which is what happens when food waste is sent to a landfill.

6 – Take your Trash

Litter creates a negative impact on our wildlife and environment. There are reports of wild animals found with shoes, plastic and fishing hooks in their stomachs. Keep the outside world as clean as your home and you’ll be on the right track.

7 – Recycle what you can

There are initiatives set up by fashion and cosmetics brands where you can recycle fabric and empty bottles in exchange for discount vouchers.

8 – DIY daily essentials

There is also the alternative of creating your own soap, detergent, deodorant, toothpaste, etc. With the resources online, you should be able to find a guide easily on how to get started. Not only is this more sustainable, it is also healthier for you and your family.

9 – Walk or bike instead of drive

One of the simplest ways to stay healthy and eco-friendly. Don’t drive, or get one of those electric cars.

10 – Stay mindful of your everyday practices

If you think something can be improved, be the one to implement the change. For instance, women can purchase reusable menstrual cups instead of using disposable pads. Instead of diapers, there are reusable nappies. You can also look into going vegan or participate in a “no waste” lifestyle if you want to dedicate yourself to a more sustainable life.

Every contribution counts, no matter how small.