Impact of Coronavirus on business and the solution.

Impact of Coronavirus on business and the solution.

No doubt coronavirus is the largest tragedy for humans and businesses in the history of the world. This COVID-19 has reversed the whole system of the world. The world didn’t see pandemic like this before, where all the countries got affected by this. The growing world economy has fallen in the survival situation.

The giant companies, which people follow as an idol, they are even in risk of bankruptcies. So many companies are doing employee lay off and others who cannot afford the salaries and office maintenance cost they are going to shut down their organization.

This 2024 is the most challenging year for the company’s chiefs. Some CEO even changed the business products and services. The luxury products manufacturing companies are now making daily necessary products. After all, they are trying to survive and support their staff.

The Covid-19 forcing to change the company’s environment and operating system. Now, employees and bosses running their companies by sitting in a home. Though the outcome is not the same. The office environment helps the employees to be more productive than the home office. But, organizations have no other choice in this locked-down situation.

If your company is surviving or going be shut down or if you need just a helping hand for a little bit push to stand. Then, I have good news for you. A company called Sick Company stepped up to stand beside you. They are “not for profit” organization.

Sick Company already helped hundreds of companies. The company founded by two-person, Ben Way (Best selling author, technologist, inventor and entrepreneur) and Rye Akervik (Inventor, entrepreneur, Technologist). They have spent a lot of their time advising the world’s leading companies.

Now, they have come forward to help you via their sick company. The website builds with a beautiful design for a better understanding of help-seeking companies. When you will visit, you will find a map with the different colored icons. There are black, red, yellow, and green color icons. Each color describes the listed company’s current situation such as Black means = Dead Companies, Red means= Immediate Distress, Yellow means= Company can survive only a few weeks, Green means= Company needs help to stabilize the situation.

You can say it is the place for complete solutions both investors and help seekers. If you click on the hamburger icon on the menu then you will find the business listing and investor’s listing. So, if you are an investor then you can see help-seeking company profile and if you think the company’s service or products has demand and future benefits then you can invest in that company.

On the other hand, if you are a help seeker then you can also connect with investors by sending the proposal to invest in your company.

Sick company is always here with further help and support to grow your business.

Wrapping up, if you are about to give up in this coronavirus situation then stop doing that. If you believe that your business idea is great, then just you need to try one more time with full of motivation and enthusiasm.

Don’t give up, go forward.