Is Vinyl Decking Better than Wood – 2024 Guide

It is difficult to decide between vinyl and wood flooring. These are some of the most popular options. That is why people have a lot of doubts when making decisions. Whether you are moving into a new home or business space or want to freshen up an old one, choosing a floor is a very important step that you should definitely pay attention to.

Wood is the highest quality material and has a long lifespan if properly maintained. However, you will not have to work hard when it comes to maintenance. Vinyl can also fit well in your room, as it is very easy to clean. So, both materials have their advantages, but we still have a winner.


If you want to give life to your space, then be sure to use natural materials. It will beautify every holiday, socializing and fun. There are a lot of choices, but one option definitely stands out and that is wood. It should be at the top of your list because it is considered the most beautiful material. It is timeless, there are many different variants and you can easily fit it with the furniture. For example, the best place for wood material is definitely the deck. Imagine yourself sunbathing and reading your favorite book or grilling with friends. Thanks to the appearance of the tree, you will have the feeling that you are in nature. It will be even more pleasant if there is a lot of greenery and flowers nearby.

So, wood will give each room a natural attractive look. In that case, you don’t have to add too many false colors, works of art to improve the look of your deck. Vinyl floors have countless options when it comes to design. However, they are made using polyvinyl chloride or PVC, so they can potentially emit harmful gases that can cause shortness of breath and irritation in some people.


Another reason why you should consider wood is its strength and durability. Teak is especially recommended, because it has the greatest strength. Thanks to these characteristics, the floor will not leak or sag under heavy weight. Of course, this is very useful when placing furniture on floors or heavy decorations.

Although vinyl is durable and resistant to everyday wear, it is a 100% synthetic material. Regular vinyl is not so resistant, so people mostly opt for the more expensive variant. Luxury vinyl has multiple layers, but you will pay for it as much as a natural material that lasts much longer. This means that you will subscribe to this deck in most situations.


Expert deck builders from Toronto, CA told us more about maintenance and we found out wooden floors are very easy to maintain and you can check them out for more info here:

No matter what type of wood you choose, you will not have to work hard to maintain its appearance. All you have to do is polish it once or twice a year so that the deck always looks fresh and attractive. In addition, it is recommended to use protection for the deck from sunlight. Not only will you preserve the look of the deck, but you will also protect the wood from rain and prevent the appearance of moisture.

Vinyl substrates are very easy and quick to install, however, the preparation takes longer and can cause headaches. It is necessary to remove any protrusions, holes, lines that can be transferred to the vinyl and cause distortion or tearing over time. Vinyls get a plus for maintenance because it is very simple, but they are definitely not resistant to traces of chairs and other objects.

Design variations

Although there are countless different types of this type of floor, not every one is always suitable. Primarily, there are two types of wooden floors – solid wood flooring and laminated wood. Solid wood boards are obtained whole from one trunk, and fit in the traditional way. Laminated wood flooring is composed of several layers of composite material, where the upper layer is solid wood. Both floors have a beautiful look of natural wood, and the main difference is in the composition.

Of course, the stronger the wood, the better it will behave when installed and will be resistant, even in the busiest parts of the house. In any case, any type of wood can be used, while with the final layer you get the desired effect that best suits your room. There are also several different levels of gloss finish and finishing techniques, which will look completely different. Vinyl is available in almost any color and pattern, and more and more people are combining and creating new ones.


Whether you are planning to stay in your home forever, have just bought it or are selling it soon, it is important to think about an important factor before renovating. This refers to the impact of the project on the value of the house. You can never be sure that it will be your home forever and that you will not sell it at some point. Then it is important to get a good offer from potential buyers, and that will not be possible if the house is not in excellent condition.

So think on time and decide on something valuable. It is the impressive deck that significantly improves the look of every home, because when you open the door of this impressive space, you will get a great first impression. No one will remain indifferent to the beautiful wooden deck. In addition to a beautiful appearance, this surface is a great choice for everyone’s lifestyle because they provide a good feeling underfoot and do not get too hot in the sun. If you are planning to sell the apartment and you think that you will raise the price with vinyl, that is not possible. Vinyl is difficult to remove, so it’s not a good idea to put it on before moving.


Since it occupies a very large area in the room, the floor greatly affects the general atmosphere in the space and thus the daily life of the users of that space. Also, the floor is often an area that suffers from children’s play, adventures, mischief and growing up. In that case, the taste and style are adjusted to the practical requirements of the space. So choose carefully, because the end result can give you long-term satisfaction and enjoyment of the floor surface or disappointment.