Hair Dryer Market 2024 : Growth Opportunities and forecast 2024

There is a myth surrounding the use of hair dryers to kill coronavirus (COVID-19) pathogens. It is being highly argued whether hair dryers kill the COVID-19 virus. Popular news outlets reveal that hair dryers are not completely effective in killing the COVID-19 pathogens, and can result in thermal burns and dryness of the face due to the exposure to heat of hair dryers. On the other hand, hair dryers are under scrutiny for spreading the novel coronavirus in salon and clinical settings. Hence, companies in the hair dryer market should educate salon employees and patrons alike about various preventive measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

The spread of COVID-19 is high, if a sick individual enters the salon or clinical premises and can be further aggravated with the use of hair dryers. Hair dryers have the potential to spread the virus but with preventive measures such as thermal scanning of individuals, employees can significantly contain the spread of the virus. This could affect the growth of the hair dryer market.

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Next-gen Innovations in Hair Dryers Involve Smart Drying Experience to Prevent Hair Damage

Smart hair dryers are bringing about a significant change in the hair dryer market. In order to illustrate, Tineco – a global innovator specializing in creating intelligent technologies, has announced the launch of MODA ONE™- a next-gen smart hair dryer that uses smart sensors to detect hair moisture whilst automatically adjusting heat. Next-gen smart hair dryers are paving the way for new innovations in the hair dryer market where automation is playing a key role in adjusting air speed and heat in order to prevent hair damage.

Manufacturers are increasing their R&D muscle to develop hair dryers with intelligent humidity and proximity sensors that work to optimize the amount of heat delivered to hair for achieving healthy and shiny results for customers. Thus, the smart drying experience is increasingly becoming a trend for innovations in the market landscape.

Proprietary Technologies in Hair Dryers Creating Incremental Opportunities for Companies

Various online portals showcase reviews about the best hair dryer products in the market. Thus, positive reviews help boost the credibility credentials of companies in the hair dryer market. As such, the Andis Pro Dry Elite 1875-Watt Tourmaline Ionic Hair Dryer is gaining increased popularity, owing to its quick seal features that help seal the cuticle layers of the hair and breaks up water molecules to provide quick drying.

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Convenient heat and speed settings in devices are boosting product sales for companies in the hair dryer market. Innovative hair dryers are using proprietary mineral complex that add moisture to the hair strands and seal the cuticles. The demand for lightweight hair dryers is surging in the market. The innovative infrared technology is being highly talked about by companies.

Professional-grade Hair Dryers Provide Fast Hair Drying without Extreme Heat

Breakthrough innovations in hair dryers are generating value-grab opportunities for manufacturers. Likewise, the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer has been a revelation in the hair industry, as British innovator James Dyson forayed into the beauty sector for the first time. However, companies in the hair dryer market find that many of their inventions do not fit the regular salon environments. Hence, companies are making minor tweaks in the technology of hair dryers to make them commercially viable in salon environments. They are investing in research spending to launch professional versions of hair dryers.

The hair dryer market is expected to reach US$ 12.4 Bn by 2030, as manufacturers are integrating robust filters and professional concentrate nozzles in hair dryers for better coverage and a more focused air flow. Fast hair drying without extreme heat has become an important focus point for manufacturers.

Lithium–Silicone Batteries Leverage Technology in Cordless Hair Dryers

Wireless and portable hair dryers are meeting convenience needs of on-the-go individuals. Cordless and rechargeable AER dryers are posing stiff competition to companies such as Philips in the wireless hair dryers segment. Thus, research spending is playing a key role in improving the sensor technology of wireless hair dryers. Companies in the hair dryer market are using lithium–silicone batteries to innovate in portable dryers. Wireless products have been an upgrade in the hair dryer domain since smart sensors analyze air quality and humidity around to automatically modify heat settings.

Moreover, companies in the hair dryer market are boosting their production activities to develop wireless products with detachable cords that come handy when batteries are out of power. As such, the bulky size of wireless hair dryers due to their batteries tend to outweigh the advantages of the same.

Affordability Influences Buyers’ Decision for Super Hair Dryer Products

The concept of super hair dryers is encouraging manufacturers to constantly innovate in products. Likewise, the Airshot from Cloud Nine has vitamins infused to its ceramic heating components that nourish the hair. The demand for quick hair drying is fueling innovations in smart hair dryers. Convenient heating options in hair dryers are being highly preferred by customers to quickly and effectively dry the hair. On the other hand, companies in the hair dryer market are innovating in compact designs for products.

Manufacturers in the hair dryer market are aiming to develop products that fall in the range of US$ 50 – US$ 100 to meet affordability of customers, whilst not compromising on the output of the product.

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