Is It The Right Time To Purchase A 5G Smartphone In India?

Is It The Right Time To Purchase A 5G Smartphone In India?

While it seems that 5G is already in India, and we’re all apparently ready for the 5G revolution, there is no sign of any development of the network on which 5G will run.

There are plenty of devices and brands which are manufacturing 5G phones as well, but there is still no network to run these devices on. A lot of industry experts are forecasting that consumers will have to wait till early 2023 for the full 5G experience.

When it comes to launching 5G mobiles, it is believed that the process is such that development of network testing for telecom operators is aided by the same. Therefore, brands are launching 5G devices in spite of the fact that it won’t really change network or data speed. It won’t particularly allow you to stream YouTube videos or help with download of heavy files off the internet.

A lot of experts feel that availability of 5G is not determined as such, and is pretty much uncertain without a spectrum auction.

What is the hype about?

Essentially, 5G is a bundle of technologies for cellular networks. It is a leap from 4G networks which is used by current consumers to various degrees of satisfaction. In terms of mobile data, 5G networks will provide lower latency, and will be faster as well.

Building the hype

While the pricing of 5G enabled devices is coming down, the network will not become mainstream for the next couple of years. And once that happens, the prices of these devices will come down even more. While Xiaomi was one of the first brands in India to launch 4G devices, Realme is touted to be the brand that will launch 5G devices in the country and make them available to the public.

All said and done, one can safely say that at the moment, 5G smartphones are reserved for the mid-premium segment, and it will be a while before they become mainstream. Also, it will be better if they are launched before the network goes mainstream so that by the time the 5G services are launched, the price of the smartphones will drop even more.

Is it feasible?

If you actually see the history of different mobile networks in the country, none of them were really all that popular, and it took a few years for 4G networks to become mainstream, and become popular with the masses. So, one might wonder as to what will happen to 5G mobiles in terms of sales and profits.

Furthermore, the Indian government still hasn’t auctioned the 5G spectrum, and there has been significant delay because of various factors, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, and the government’s decree, dissuading Indian telecom operators from working with Chinese companies. This also halted 5G trials which were earlier taken up by Indian telcos.

And while people may be future-proofing and being prepared way in advance by making purchases earlier, some may worry about the credibility of these actions. However, some experts justify this by thinking that 4K TVs were launched in India even before the content was produced and made available. Therefore, it is believed that it makes sense to bring 5G smartphones in the country prior to the launch of the networks.

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