Best Instant Personal Loan Apps for Salaried Employed

Best Instant Personal Loan Apps for Self Employed

As people’s standard of living is increasing, their needs and wants are also increasing day by day. Keeping this in mind, the availability of easy financing is provided by many financial institutions these days. Instant loans are getting popular with time as they are available in minimum time and require extraordinarily little paperwork. Today, instant loan apps can offer fast service, paperless and hassle-free funds to provide emergency financial support.

List of Top Instant Loan Apps in India:

  • Fullerton India 

With paperless and hassle-free service, Fullerton India has provided instant loans and fulfilled the dreams of over a 3.6million people. There is a facility of an online EMI calculator which allows the users to calculate the EMI based on the amount they want to lend at the prevailing rate of interest. The amount will be credited to your loan account within 24hours of approval. The necessary step is to install the Fullerton India InstaLoan app register on it,  after that you have to submit all the necessary KYC documents in detail and apply for the personal loan.

Min amount- 50,000

Max amount- 25.00,000

Tenure- 12-60months

  • Dhani

Presented by Indiabulls, Dhani is one of the best loan apps in the market to take instant loans from. You need to download the app and fill in the details required along with the virtual documents, and the loan amount will be disbursed in your account within a few hours. You can even close the loan account beforehand, and you won’t be charged any extra fees on the amount below 20,000.

Min amount- 1000

Max amount- 15.00,000

Tenure- 12-72months

  • Nira

Nira is the instant loan funding app that allows people with a lower credit score to apply for an emergency personal loan. You will know if you are eligible for the loan in 3 minutes after downloading the app. It will give you a credit line of 1,00,000 from which you can withdraw 5000 in the beginning. If you need more, then withdraw more. This app lets you take emergency funds for small tasks.

Min amount-5000

Max amount- 1,00,000

Tenure- 3-12months

  • Moneyview

MoneyView is another alternative when it comes to personal loan apps. It allows you to instantly access funds needed in an emergency from 10,000 to 5,00,000 in agreeable EMI. The loan process is tireless and straightforward, along with paperless, and it gives you the freedom to your credit amount when your documents get approved. MoneyView has expanded in the past few years and is now available in most of India’s top cities.

Min amount- 10,000

Max amount- 5,00,000

Tenure- 3months – 3years

  • Smart-Coin

This is another personal loan app for short-term finance that can be taken into consideration. The best part is, anyone like salaried, non-salaried, parents at home, house staff, etc., can take a loan. You don’t have to earn any minimum amount of salary to apply for the loan. The loan is approved within minutes, and the process is also hassle-free and paperless.

Min amount- 1000

Max amount- 50,000


There are other personal loan apps apart from these in the market for self-employed people. With more knowledge about this kind of app, instant loan apps are gaining popularity, and more people are getting help in short-term financial assistance. But before applying for a loan, you should read all the terms and conditions and be sure the app and the company are trustworthy.