IoT Gateways Applications in Smart Cities’ Transportation and Security

All of us, passionate about new technologies and innovation, we are quite familiar with smart cities’ meaning. Often wondering how the city of the future would be, our imagination goes back to the many Hollywood movies. Those films show us, how much the science contributes to the humans’ life.

The IoT gateway technology developments are bringing us to that futuristic world, we all have dreamt of. A smart city is our living and working place, where operations are more efficient. Besides, information and communication sharing is faster and ultimately improving upon government services and citizen welfare.

In this article, we will briefly introduce you to the concept of smart cities. Afterward, we will focus and find out more about IoT Gateways applications in this new environment.

About IoT gateway

An Internet of Things (IoT) gateway can be a software program or a physical piece of equipment. IoT gateways are mainly designed to be a bridge connecting the cloud with sensors and smart devices. IoT solutions are central to assist governments and private businesses in following up the modern time higher demand for public services.

The main advantage of an IoT gateway is probably the extra security provided for the data shared on the IoT network. Other benefits of utilization are related to its connectivity being able to communicate on all protocols and quickly processing information. Thus, the development of IoT solutions is critical to the realization of a fast, sustainable, and modern smart city.

IoT Technology Application

Even if we are not all aware, IoT solutions are already part of our daily lives. Nowadays, cities implement devices and software to improve people’s life quality. Let us take a look at transportations and public security in smart cities.


When it comes to public transportation, intelligent traffic management is a crucial point. For competent authorities being able to effectively control traffic flow is essential to guarantee every citizen’s safety. Street infrastructure can be monitored through IoT gateways, which receive real-time traffic data and can transmit commands remotely to manage the congestions.

In addition, IoT gateways allow vehicle cameras and security systems to send information wirelessly. Ultimately, IoT technology has helped us to quicken response in the event of emergencies.

Have you ever enjoyed watching content on the internet while you are on a train, coach or taxi? Thanks to the utilization of IoT gateways, people can have access to high-speed wireless internet, and at the same time, their information are protected.

Public Security

When it comes to public security, IoT gateways are vastly utilized for video surveillance. One of the reasons for crime reduction is undoubtedly attributable to extensive camera networks integrated with IoT solutions to rapidly support people in need.

Smart lighting control of city illumination sees another possible employment of the IoT network. The software lets city officials manage the light during dark hours. By managing the brightness, the power consumption can be reduced, and more illumination can be provided to unsafe locations.

Besides, being used in the exteriors, IoT network is also used for buildings management. IoT gateways can effectively assure facilities security with wireless access lists, and they also allow to keep in check and maintain the air conditioning, illumination, and other structural systems.


No matter what field, IoT gateways are a smart, cost-saving and reliable solution. They have a wide range of applications from industrial automation, transportation, energy, utility, and retail.

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