Benefits of having theLeague of legend smurf account.

lol smurf is a legend account which involves a highly skilled player creating a different account from the main account to play with less skilled opponents. It has become a trend where many players want to participate in smurfing. People want to enjoy the game with different people, enabling one to try new roles without using their primary accounts. There are two types of this account, high ranked and unranked account. They range from low end regular to high- end regular smurf accounts. There are several advantages why people smurf and mostly in the unranked account. These advantages are as follows.*_h_GBQpAE2dmlkrxDVM-LQ.jpeg


  1. Enables ones to learn and test different new strategies.

Having a secondary account, a player can try new tricks, strategies, ideas, and information on gaming without harming the main account. Accounts can be banned if not used appropriately according to the rules where one bought that account. The reason why people are creating secondary accounts is to reduce the probability of losing a primary account. Having this account, you can interact with new players with low skills hence one can know their weakness and strength. The strength obtained in the low ranked games gives you the ability to play better in a high ranked main account. With a smurf account, one practices playing different games the way he likes no matter how bad they are with or without skills. This has made many people famous and improved their skills in the game.

  1. It gives one new identity.

League of legend has many celebrities, and many people might know their leading account name. Many of them are having problems handling their fun, which keeps sending requests and messages. It has contributed to them having reasons to create a smurf account. It enables them to play hiding their identity not to be recognized by anyone. Many famous people play the game in secret avoiding destruction from people such as conflicts and bullying.  One would rather risk a smurf account than their main account being banned because some people use to insult and abusive language during the game. People will try by all means to get either positive or negative attention from famous players. At some point, it might be risky for them because they might lack information confidentiality; that’s why they are buying secondary accounts.


  1. It enables one to have fun and gain more experience.

A primary account can be banned if one is performing poorly. Smurfing creates an opportunity to have fun with friends without being stressed up with the need to win the game to prevent losing a primary account.  Possessing multiple accounts makes one enjoy new challenges, giving them a chance to show off their skills and talents. It is always impossible for one to play with players at a lower rank in a main account. It can only be done in a smurf account.

In conclusion, a smurf account is considered beneficial to players because one can try new strategies and hide their identity gain more experience.