Internet of Things (IoT) has opened up a plethora of opportunities in the healthcare industry. When machines and devices are connected to the Internet, they collect valuable information and provide insights about the symptoms that help patients get a comprehensive understanding about their health condition for further treatment. Thus, sensors and wearable devices help collect and monitor data that can be sent for processing in real time.

IoT connected machines in healthcare are embedded with health monitors that convey analytics to doctors who can provide appropriate diagnosis to patients. With the influx of smartphones and digital media, consumers are also becoming more tech savvy. Thus, stakeholders are innovating on mobile applications and virtual assistants, as they are becoming commonplace for IoT connected machines in the healthcare industry. Further innovations in the IoT connected machines market have led to the development of smart cars, which can store information and transmit this data to other devices while on the go. As such, IoT connected machines market will find applications from the healthcare industry, as these systems assist in storing data on the cloud, and also send alerts to healthcare providers in case of emergencies.

iot connected machines market infographic

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One of the most critical aspects in the IoT connected machines market will be the evolution of IoT gateways. IoT gateways are growing and connecting billions of devices across countries. An IoT gateway compiles sensor data, analyzes sensor protocols, and processes it before deploying it for further use.

In the IoT connected machines market, IoT hardware has helped leverage the technical capabilities of numerous connected projects. IoT gateways are required to manage and control complex processes when several protocols, increased connected models, and the highly dispersed nature of IoT systems are run on a parallel network of connected machines. Such trends in the IoT connected machines market and improved technological developments are helping stakeholders build elaborate controlling systems that connect through Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity), Bluetooth, serial ports, and Ethernet. Thus, each IoT connected machine is interlinked with different control environments in an organization, and has a range of models for security and management.

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Automotive Industry to Undergo Major Transformations in the Golden Era of IoT

The IoT connected machines market is highly fragmented, thus increasing the scope for new market players to strengthen their business position in the landscape.

However, the implementation of IoT also comes along with many challenges. IoT connected machines are undergoing several innovations in the automotive industry. Stakeholders are integrating IoT to tackle the alarming problem of traffic congestion in cities across various countries. Incorporating IoT connected machines in the automotive landscape is not just cost-effective but also helps manage traffic lights and plays a vital role as far as smart parking solutions are concerned. In spite of limitations such as security breaches, stakeholders are increasing research & development to overcome basic infrastructural problems that hinder the smooth functioning of IoT connected machines in the automotive landscape.

Stakeholders in the IoT connected machines market are increasing focus on industries such as automotive and telecommunications. For instance, in February 2019, AT&T – a leading American telecommunication company, and Vodafone Group Plc – a British multinational telecommunication conglomerate, announced a collaboration to develop enhanced connected vehicle technology to provide greater safety and better connectivity through entertainment and telematic solutions for customers.

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