J. Sehorn

Daniel Twombly and J. Sehorn were two individuals working towards different objectives in life when they first met. While Twombly was working on his solo music projects, Sehorn was taking a break from music and focusing more on art. But destiny had something else planned for them. They started hanging out and creating music just for fun. Little did they know that this fun activity is going to turn into a successful collaboration between the two musicians. What started as a hobby gave fruitful results to these band members, and soon, they came to be known as the CUSPS, a talented duo that we know of today.

Sehorn’s love for Psychedelic Rock and Shoegaze, amalgamated with Twombly’s minimalist, heavy-hitting sound design and quirky synths, gives the kind of positive and energetic vibes that the world longs for.

Together, they have created great music that is loved by fans from across the globe. Now with their latest single “Classicide”, CUSPS are taking their music game a notch ahead, declaring to the world that they are here to stay.

Watch out for this duo that is here to sway you off your feet with their zealous yet soothing music.


Interviewer: What inspired you to create music?

Sehorn: You go through life’s daunting tasks and find there is a song in your heart and it gives you something to focus on that brings you joy.


Interviewer: What was your favourite music genre as a kid?

Sehorn: When I was young I was very into rock music but now I am into electronic music much more.


Interviewer: Describe your music style to our readers.

Sehorn: I’d prefer to be genre-less in the sense that it is a combination of so many things that have left a mark on me. When you hear our tracks, you still get a bit of that grit and ache that is in the pit of rock. Twombly is much more into funk and dance so, he brings a lot of life to the songs that I am not capable of. We both enjoy hip-hop and RnB so, I hear traces of that in our music too.


Interviewer: Tell us about the time you and Twombly meet.

Sehorn: Twombly was putting his solo work out on Soundcloud and doing production for some local rappers when I met him. I was on hiatus from a long run in a psychedelic lo-fi band in Minneapolis and had been focusing on art instead. This project came from us hanging out after work and collaborating. We never intended on it being anything serious.


Interviewer: The title of your latest single, “Classicide”, is very interesting and unique. What is the story behind it?

Sehorn: When we write tracks, we always name the work-in-progress some off-the-cuff phrase as a placeholder, so I had just hollered out the word “Classicide” because I had been spending a bunch of time on Tumblr, and I had seen that somewhere on there. I asked Twombly if I could quickly track some vocals down as a super-rough draft, and we loved the results so much that the final take is barely any different. I just put a word in here or there to help with the cohesiveness. When we looked back, we thought that the working title still fit, so we left it as is.


Interviewer: What message would you like to give to our readers?

Sehorn: Branch off. Do not fall for nostalgia. There is always something new to grow.


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