How To Install a Kitchen Faucet Easily Without Experience

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Installing a kitchen sink might not be as hard as you think. With a proper guide like this, you can easily install your next faucet without calling a plumber.

With that said let’s start the guide.

Kitchen Faucet blog


Before you start working on the project. You need some preparation. Not much but you still do.

You need to manage an Allen wrench, a bucket, a basin wrench, plumber’s tape.

Remove the old faucet:

Firstly you need to remove the old faucet before you can start working on the new one.

Follow the guide step by step you will be good to go.

Step 1:

First thing first, stop the water supply. Stop the main water supply that goes into the faucet. Stop the small watergate valve under the sink.

Step 2:

Go underneath the sink open your plumbing space. Take a picture as a reference.

Step 3:

Place your bucket underneath the water connection. After you done that unscrew the supply lines. Drain the existing water into the bucket.

Step 4:

Here you need another person to hold the faucet lines for you while you unscrew the nuts holding the faucet.

Step 5:

After you unscrewed every nut underneath come outside and pull out the old faucet. If you have done everything correctly so far, you won’t have any issue while pulling the faucet out. If it gets stuck check whether all the nuts are unscrewed or not.

Step 6:

Clean the sink and remove existing residue or grime from the deck.

Now that you successfully removed the old faucet take a break.

Break done? If so then move on to the next steps.

Installing the new faucet:

Follow these simple steps to install your newly bought faucet.

How to Install a Kitchen Faucet

Step 1:

We are assuming you heard us and removed all the residue. If you did then good job.

Install the plastic/rubber gasket that came with your faucet.

After doing so place in the deck where your faucet will stand. Make sure to align the holes because you need to screw them from underneath.

Step 2:

put all your new faucets line inside the main hole. You can pull them down from the down if necessary.

Step 3:

Install the washers then the nuts. It’s like removing the old faucet but reversed. Here you are installing those nuts not removing.

Step 4:

Pull down your lines. Attach the quick-connect supply line then install the weight if your kit had any.

Step 5:

Install the supply pipe on to the new faucet line. Slowly open the watergate valve make sure there is no leak. If there is close the valve. Disconnect the pipe. Use plumber’s tape to fill in the leak. Re-install the supply pipe. Check again. If there is no leak move on to the next step.

Step 6:

Remove the aerator from the new faucet. If you have done everything right till now then star the faucet, you should see water coming from the faucet. Leave it be for a couple of minutes.

Step 7:

Turn off the faucet. Insert the aerator back.

And you are done.

This Video May Help you

Yes, it’s that easy. If you followed the guide correctly and made sure your faucet matches your sink. Then we are 100% you will face no issue while installing. If you want to know more about kitchen faucet you may visit Kitchen Faucet Blog.