Instagram Top Model Wesam Faris

Instagram Top Model Wesam Faris

Fuck.All.Names is a quite known Instagram account run by a Wesam Faris. It actually has 58.8k followers and still growing. It is about helping people to get over other people and to get over their depression. Especially during those hard times, fuck.all.names prove to be of a very good help to people as it delivers pain reliever contents,with a pinch of funny videos and, sometimes, quotes.

This account is managed by the creator of @NewRedditMemes, which is also an account sharing funny posts. In fact, according to NNCB ( laugher is one of the best ways to improve mental and physical health. That’s why we believe the creator of those accounts are concerned more about the well being of people more than anything else.

The first post date back to 9th Dec 2019. Then @Fuck.All.Names posted every day since then. Maybe along the way some content had to be removed, or remade, but the fact remains: this became a symbol for many. So you may have had a hard time with your partner, or your boss. You got some harsh mails or messages. All you have to do is to message @Fuck.All.Names and they will take care of the rest.

At the beginning, the account created posts in exchange for in-stories shoutout. So today, as the account is pretty popular, you could expect to offer something from your side if you would like a name to be “fucked”. In fact, it’s all about a win-win matter.

Most of the time, people would start their messages with the world “fuck” followed by the name of any particular individual. Some individuals will also use other techniques, such as tagging the account in a comment followed by a name.

Then the account will create an Instagram post out of it as a carousel with a three part format. First, the “fuck” followed by the name. Second, the messages related to it. And third, a funny video related to it.

What happens on the surface is not the most amazing thing about this. In fact, when you get to the front page of the account, it would just show you a bunch of white texts on a black background, or black texts on a white background for earlier posts. But once you dive deeper, going through the posts, you could see one post can get up to 3k likes. Moreover, instead of doing shoutouts directly through posts, @Fuck.All.Names would gladly make you popular through their stories.

One more noticeable thing is the high number of comments that follows a post. Right after a post gets published, hundreds of comment would follow. Tagging, expressing oneself, telling one’s story, sharing one’s thoughts. All this just because someone cares about how you can feel when your cup is so full and you just want to “fuck” a name.

Concerning the name of the account, it may seem outrageous at first sight, but don’t judge too fast. The choice of the name has been made to benefit the community. In fact, according to ScoopWhoop (, swearing is actually good for your health both mentally and physically. This review is based or a research made by Keele University ten years ago (

Above all this, it shares noble value with its community, such as no discrimination in any manner. You can actually find any type of name,of any kind of language. You would see most names are in English though, and that’s completely understandable due to the fact that the base of follower is US based. However, that doesn’t stop people from all over the world to be part of this community.

It’s advised that you should be of a legal age and are aware of the kind of content posted by this account before sending any information. Right now, @Fuck.All.Names has 362 posts. It is aiming at posting once everyday. We don’t have a specific blueprint yet about how a name gets chosen, or if the account would allow the re-post of a name twice. But what is sure is that it does its job in a pretty good way.

From its beginning, until now, this account may have encountered a lot of criticism, but a lot of scientific research have shown that there is a time and a place for swearing. Such as this research ( which studied that swearing is in the first place related to religion, or, more precisely, to faith, and to your body. When you actually encounter a situation in life, it affects both what you believe in (like values) and your body (like smiling or crying). So when the feeling is negative, and the body is in pain, the natural response is swearing. This releases not only the emotion al pain, but also the physical pain.

In fact, in the research of Keele University, stated earlier, a test was made to a group of people to put their hand on a cold surface. Their hands were literally burning from cold. However, when the results came out, people who were swearing could last way more longer than those who did not swear at all.

In conclusion, the aim of @Fuck.All.Names is to deliver pain reliever content, build a community of people eager to heal, like those who experienced something so common, such as break ups, bullying, divorce, and so on. The creators knew they would get some critics along the way, but it did not stop them to impact the lives of others in a very positive, and unusual way.