Industrial Profibus Market Development Scenario and Forecast to 2025

Profibus is one of the new generations of fieldbus I/O bus networks. Profibus is a fieldbus used to connect field devices at the plant level and communicate data between field devices and control systems at the enterprise level. Profibus also helps to attain better yield and higher product quality through the delivery of better and up-to-date data to operations.  Profibus uses a multi drop single cable to connect the devices. This method is cost effective especially for larger sites.

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It is easy to find faults as it is a single cable. Profibus is the world’s leading fieldbus system. Many vendor companies have developed profibus capable devices for discrete and process automation. In a profibus, less hardware is needed which indirectly leads to lowered installation and life-cycle costs. Among these fieldbuses, profibus is the prominent open fieldbus system and it enjoys worldwide acceptance. Furthermore, all leading manufacturers of automation technology offer Profibus interfaces for their devices. Profibus is the world’s only complete and interoperable fieldbus solution based on the compatible Profibus-PA (HI) and Profibus-DP (H2) technologies. Profibus simplifies the plant design and eliminates hard wiring. Profibus is a good solution in reducing control system cost and offering important functions in the industrial automation.

Need for low cost solutions for industrial automation, need for easy and consistent integration of functional safety and motion control for factory automation and growing acceptance of smart manufacturing techniques are some of the primary factors driving the growth of global industrial profibus market. There are recent developments taking place which is related to the seamless connection of 4G communication technology with profibus in order to realize the application of 4G in fieldbus. Efforts are being taken by many companies to upgrade their research and development activities to introduce innovations in this field. Therefore, monitoring Profibus field equipment by 4G network is bound to become one of the industrial field monitoring systems in the future development direction, with a strong market demand and broad application prospects.

The global industrial profibus market is segmented on the basis of type, application and region. On the basis of type, the industrial profibus market is subdivided into Profibus-PA and Profibus-DP. Profibus-PA is a type of profibus solution that is specifically used for process automation. Profibus-PA is an application profile of Profibus-DP that is designed specifically for operating in hazardous environments. Profibus-DP is used for factory automation. It is simpler and faster than other protocols. Its application profiles allow users to combine the requirements for specific solutions.

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Profibus–DP is generally used for high speed field level communications and is generally designed for internal use such as cabinet mounting. Profibus-PA is generally designed for external use such as field mounting. On the basis of application, the industrial profibus market is segmented into manufacturing, process automation, functional safety systems, gas & oil industry, robotics and power industry. Profibus-PA is broadly accepted by many industries such as oil and gas, food and beverage as well as power.

Power industry is the largest end user segment as profibus helps to establish faster communication between automation systems and distributed peripherals.  The industrial profibus is suitable for both fast, time critical applications and complex communication tasks. The profibus covers the application specific demands from the field of factory to process automation. Geographically, the industrial profibus global market can be segmented into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa and South America.

Some of the key players operating in the global industrial profibus market with most significant development are Applied Materials, Alstom, Robert Bosch, Mitsubishi Electric, Hitachi, Fuji Electric, Invensys, Texas Instruments, Rockwell Automation, General Electric, Flowserve, AMETEK ABB Group, Siemens AG and Emerson Electric Co. among others.