Testosterone is sometimes the most important hormone for men. It is crucial for building muscle mass, burning fat, hair growth and mental health. Meanwhile, unfortunately, more and more men are suffering from a testosterone deficiency. The average testosterone level in men in the western world has steadily decreased over the last decades. The reasons are often a lot of stress, a wrong diet and too little sport. In this article you will learn how to effectively increase your testosterone naturally and become an Alpha.

Strength training

By far the most important factor when it comes to the production of testosterone is strength training. Intensive training with at least 60% intensity provides the necessary stimulus to stimulate the body’s own T production. The best way to do this is with heavy basic exercises such as bench presses, squats, cross lifts, pull-ups and dips. ideally, you should go into strength training at least 3 times a week to permanently increase your testosterone levels.
For variety and cardiovascular health you can also do HIIT. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and means short and intensive training in intervals. An example of this
would be sprints, rope skipping etc. 2
Sunlight – Vitamin D3

A factor that probably many take for granted is sunlight. When sunlight hits the skin, our body produces vitamin D. Vitamin D in turn acts like a hormone in the body and influences numerous metabolism and hormonal processes. Among them also the production of testosterone. Unfortunately, it is not possible in our latitudes to get enough vitamin D from sunlight all year round. In winter it is often cloudy and on sunny days the sun is too low to produce significant amounts of testosterone.
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Accordingly, supplementation of vitamin D3 during the winter months should be considered in order to optimally support testosterone production. 3
Another crucial aspect when it comes to hormonal health, especially the production of testosterone, is sleep and rest. While we sleep, our body produces vital hormones.
Professional athletes already know how important sleep is and usually have their own sleep coaches. Besides HGH, testosterone is also produced in high amounts during sleep.
However, if we don’t get enough sleep or rest, the stress hormone cortisol can gain the upper hand. If this is permanently increased, the testosterone level automatically drops. Accordingly, it is important that we get at least 6-8 hours of sleep every day. 4

An essential nutrient when it comes to the formation of testosterone is zinc. This trace element is especially important for men, as we lose it quickly through a lot of sport and sex. Furthermore, a low-zinc diet leads to an undersupply in many men. Zinc fulfills vital tasks, above all the production of testosterone, sperm and new skin, hair
and nail cells. Therefore, especially active men should meet the increased demand by an appropriate diet or supplementation. 5
Men need tasks and goals in life. In order to fulfill or achieve these, the hormone testosterone is sometimes responsible. Conversely, low testosterone levels can also be
boosted by demanding challenges. Whether professionally, physically through training or mentally in another area. Even the response of a beautiful woman or a cold shower can increase testosterone levels. Accordingly, it is important for a man to constantly set new goals and achieve them. This is not only important for mental health, but also for our hormone production.
In order to have permanently high testosterone levels as a man, one should consider many
things and lead an appropriate lifestyle. There is no magic pill or simple trick. Rather, you
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should make sure that you regularly do (strength) sports, eat a healthy diet and lead a demanding life. This is true for young men but also for those in advanced age.
Clemens Kohlbacher



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