Where to get dental implants

Where to get dental implants

“A dental implant is also known as an endosseous fixture or attachment. It is a surgical component mostly a metal element that replaces the root area of the lost tooth.”

Many countries in the world are having tooth implants including Hungary, Mexico, Thailand, UAE, and Poland.

It is a highly expensive procedure in the USA as one tooth can be as costly as $3000 to even $5000 according to a newspaper. Furthermore, it may also depend upon the intricacy level of your case. The reason for it being costly is that it is a complex procedure and requires high training and mastery.

Most people in Hong Kong look for the best as well as affordable dental implants hk, therefore, they travel to other countries to get high-quality tooth implants at cheap rates. You can save time and money by selecting the right country to fulfill your dentistry needs.


What are the best countries for dental implants?

Many countries in the world are offering the best dental implant services. You should choose the country which meets the standards of inexpensiveness, competency of their services, and their relative distance from your country.

Here are some countries with affordable high-quality dental implant services

  • Mexico
  • Turkey
  • Costa Rica
  • Poland
  • Thailand

Where it costs under 1000 dollars. These countries offer the most affordable dental tourism to combine your paid vacations with your dental implant procedure plan. Customers can get the most out of their investments by opting for this kind of dental tour.


Mexico is offering the most reliable dental care and tooth implants at amazingly low prices for many years. You can get credible high-quality dental implants and treatments on a low budget from various hospitals in Mexico. It costs around 950 to 1000 dollars in Mexico. Canadians and Americans are the typical visitors to dental services of Mexico.


Turkey is a country having a deep connection between past and present. It is a prime and perfect destination for tourism. Many people across the east and west visit turkey for dental treatment. If you are looking for the best dental implants from abroad you must go to Turkey because it’s a country having an assortment of various historical sites as well as the biggest dental hospitals. You can get your dental implant for under 600 dollars from turkey. Moreover, it is a treasure of various alternatives varying from orthodontics to root canals to dental implants.


Costa Rica:-

Excursion to Costa Rica for an inexpensive dental implant can be the best option. Costa Rica welcomes thousands of dental visitors every year from all around the world especially from the US, Hong Kong, and Europe who need quality dental implants within their allotment. During the treatment, you can also visit historical places in Costa Rica, and enjoy the Flora and Fauna of the aboriginal rainforest.


Poland is one of the highly visited countries offering dental implants and tourism side by side. It gives supreme dental care with the ultimate convenient services at a low price. It is famous for its region-of-the-masterpiece hospitals and clinics with as little as $550 per dental implant. Therefore it is considered to be the most dependable and affordable dental implant around the world.


You can get world-class dentistry in the most advanced and developed hospitals and clinics all around Thailand. Dentists are highly trained and skilled to deliver outstanding implants and treatments to make this region top-class and highly ranked, around the world. Dental implant costs $700 to $750 in Thailand. Dental tourists of Thailand include people from the US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Hong Kong.