Ideas for top-class bathroom cabinets

A need to have a cabinet for your bathroom arises when you have so many items of toiletries to place. Some people prefer ordinary open shelves for this purpose. Still, it is not a well-known fact that keeping products such as shampoos, conditioners, mouthwash and other things in moist temperature, leads to a loss in their natural formula. Hence, it is required to keep these things as much covered as possible. Sunlight can also damage these items’ originality as the harmful ultraviolet rays might disrupt the chemicals present in these products. It has become a topic of concern over the years. People are now responding positively and are making attempts at home to manufacture their DIY bathroom cabinets by taking ideas from
There are majorly three types of bathroom cabinets to consider:

1. The hidden cabinet behind the mirror: These cabinets will not reveal itself to you until you choose to open the mirror door before it. These cabinets do not occupy extra space because they are made inside walls. It will look like a plain mirror is hanging on the wall, but when you slide or open it, then there might be a sleek, beautiful cabinet with as many shelves you want will appear. Your guests might get a misconception of not having any toiletries in your washroom, and you might need to tell them about sliding the mirror aside. Also, a hidden cabinet allows the person to keep their bathroom items privately and in a minimalist manner. Also, a mirror cabinet will help you in grooming within few minutes because all the required stuff is right behind its door.

2. Upward door cabinet: If you want to ditch the mainstream design of bathroom cabinets, then it is suggested to go for a cabinet that has a door that opens in an upward position. It will help the user avoid closing the door because it will automatically perform that function after leaving it. This technique is better for relatively small cabinets because a far long door might misbalance the items inside the cabinet while closing. It is also suggested to keep a handle for this door in the lower part to avoid discomfort in using.

3. Drawer type cabinets: These are the cabinets cum drawers used for fewer items to keep in it due to small size compared to wall cabinets. The user can keep clutter things inside it to follow minimalism in the bathroom shelves. Toiletries such as scissors, nail cutters, filers, scrub pads, sanitary napkins, etc., can be kept inside a pull-out cabinet.


Conclusion: Apart from these, there are so many types of cabinets available on different online platforms to consider. Moreover, an individual can consider making these secure cabinets at home with some help from his friends or family members. He needs some equipment like a saw, wood, nails, hammer and some glue. For further guidance, there are many online channels available that teach the general public how to make furniture. These are mostly available free of cost and offer exceptional quality videos to the viewers.