Huawei equipment is the most vulnerable to hackers: report

For the past two months, Huawei has faced a multitude of problems. A new report overwhelms the Chinese juggernaut. Based on the results of this recent research, the firm’s devices are the most susceptible to piracy.

The Wall Street Journal reports the results of tests conducted by researchers at Finite State, an Ohio-based cybersecurity firm. The conclusion is clear: Huawei equipment would be the most vulnerable to hacker attacks. Experts estimated that more than half of the 10,000 or so firmware installed natively in more than 500 Huawei-branded devices and terminals contained security vulnerabilities exploitable by hackers.

Huawei more vulnerable to piracy than its competitors

This study was conducted, according to Finite State , pro bono (which means it was done independently and without pay). Matt Wyckhouse, its director, said his goal was to get a more secure 5G. Although from this test, the company has noticed numerous defects in cybersecurity in Huawei equipment, the report does not accuse the company of having specifically integrated these weaknesses in the products for give access to third parties.

But given the results, the document was still submitted to senior officials of several government agencies in the United States and the United Kingdom. These data provide confirmation of the political decisions already taken by Trump administration officials.

According to experts from Finite State, the vulnerability rate found on Huawei equipment is well above average, compared to the other competitors of the manufacturer. Nearly 55% of the firmware images tested contain at least one vulnerability. A “potential backdoor” that would allow a hacker to collect all data in the device.