GPS Error Leads 100 motorists to get stuck in the mud

An accident forced many motorists en route to Denver airport to take a detour. Trusting the Google Maps app, a hundred of them ended up in a field last Sunday.

According to the CNN report, the proposed route was to reach the airport, but it eventually led to a dirt road. Because of the rain that was falling, the path became a real mud field. Some cars have even begun to slide. Others got stuck.

According to the Denver Channel, in an article titled “From Detour to Disaster,” the hundred or so motorists found themselves trapped in a long line on the muddy road, some cars bogging down in the slush and wide ditches filled with water.

“Google Maps told us to take the Tower exit, which I did because it was supposed to take half the time,” says a motorist interviewed by Denver Channel. She adds, “There were all these cars in front of us, so I thought it must be good.”

Google then admitted that this route was not identified as private.

“We take a number of factors into consideration when determining routes, including the size of the road,” said the US company via release.” We are always working to provide the best possible directions, but problems can occur. We encourage motorists to stay alert and use their driving judgment.”