How You Can Help as a hip hop Music Lover

Gregory Krieg Brown Jr., aka Its64boy, is a Norfolk State University graduate specializing in Mass Communication and Music Technology. He finished 4,000 unpaid recording hours in the same studio where Farrell Williams slipped. After all, starting his own music company was only a matter of time for this passionate pioneer.

Its64boy has always wanted to go to the NBA and make a career. When he was 14, he tried his hand at a basketball team, and the medical examining nurse checked his heart and said, “You have an abnormal heartbeat, irregular, and you could die any day.” This discouraged Its64boy from realizing his dream for fear of losing his life. So when he was not chosen to play, Its64boy took the music and became his NBA. With a deep-rooted passion for music, he treats it like a sport every day and lives in it.

Its64boy has completed several phenomenal projects this year. Its64boy is the owner, producer, and performer of the label, which poses a triple threat to the music industry. Its64boy is known as a tool for the state of Virginia because when the game needs to be repaired, Its64boy is here to make some changes to the game.

It all started when I, Gregory Its64boy Brown, was 4 years old when I watched my pop DJ Skeet play Smokey Robinson, The Beatles, Dr. Dre, The Chronic at 1 and 2 o’clock. I always wanted to go to the mic when they freestyle but they told me I was too young. As I got older, I got used to freestyle in front of the mirror, banging on the walls while Mom and Dad were at work.