How Veterinary Pharmacy Services Can Help You

bunch of vitamine pills on a glass table - closeup shot

Just like people, pets often need prescription medication to keep them happy and healthy. Medication may be needed to help fight off a cold or infection, or may be routine medication to treat a systemic disease or possible allergies. Whatever the case, finding a professional veterinary pharmacy service is pivotal to ongoing pet care and treatment. Not only is a veterinary pharmacy service convenient, but it can help provide you fast and flexible medication solutions from a knowledgeable and experienced team.

Readily Available Prescriptions

Having a veterinary pharmacy service can mean the difference between having an available prescription now, or waiting days until your pet can get the medical relief he or she needs. Often, veterinary pharmacy services stock common medicines that cats and dogs use. This means that the medication prescribed at your pet’s appointment will most likely be in stock, and ready to go for you to start treating your pet.

Fast Delivery

Many veterinary pharmacy services are on location at the veterinarian’s office. This means that you can get the prescriptions your pet needs quickly. Often, with a veterinary pharmacy service, it is possible to go home from your veterinary appointment with your pet’s much needed prescription in hand. This is not only convenient, saving you valuable time, but it is best for your pet to help administer much needed medication quickly.

Flexible Format

Pets can be picky when it comes to taking medicine. One of the best perks that comes with using a veterinary pharmacy service is the pharmacists’ flexibility to reformat medications. That means that the pharmacy team will be able to transform a pill format into a liquid, or vice versa. Sometimes it is easier to give a cat a liquid poured onto tasty food, while it might be easier to hide a pill in treats for your dog compared to forcing your dog to drink a liquid. You know your pets the best, and understand what medicine format he or she will take. Working together with your veterinary pharmacy service you will be able to make administering medicine a breeze.

Knowledgeable Team

Medicines can be complicated and can have concerning side effects. By using a veterinary pharmacy service you have the peace of mind knowing that you have knowledgeable professionals you can turn to with your questions. This means that it is possible to reach out to a pharmacist and ask about the dosage or possible side effects your pet is experiencing. Based on a pharmacist’s findings he or she will be able to change the dosage or medication to better suit your pet’s needs.


We all live extremely busy lives and caring for our pets adds just one more wrinkle of complexity to our day to day activities. A veterinary pharmacy service is convenient and easy to use. You can have the peace of mind knowing that your pet’s exact prescriptions are accurately transferred to a pharmacist in a timely manner. You will be able to pick up your pet’s prescriptions, often the same day you call in for a refill. Plus, in many cases, your veterinarian will have your pet’s prescription ready to go following an exam. This means that you can save valuable time and money by not having to go to a separate location just for your pet’s medicine.