Football is a game of energy, enthusiasm, and fascination. The players will be hyperactive on the field, and so, the viewers on seeing them. If you are willing to watch a football game, you can do so by visiting a stadium. When you could not afford to go to a stadium, you can variously enjoy the sport. Television broadcasters will fight each other to get the rights to broadcasting football matches as the men’s world cup football is the most-watched television program ever in history. Hence, you can watch these games if they are telecasted on television. If not, you can get the commentary on the radio or through live sport updates on blogs and websites like livescoreHowever, you could not enjoy the game if you manage to watch it. You have to know some factors to watch a football match in the right way. Almost 60 percent of the football viewers are watching the game without knowing it properly. So, in this article, let us discuss the right way of watching football in brief.


How to watch football?


Understand the game


Before you watch a game, it is necessary to understand the game in the first place. You have to know what is happening to enjoy it. Without knowing the rules, you will not know why the players are getting a score or a foul. So, you should begin your football journey by understanding the rules of the game. You can find thousands of articles and videos online that explain the rules and regulations of the game in detail. Some of the basic rules to know before watching football are as follows,


  • Each team will have eleven members in the squad, along with the goalkeeper.
  • The goalkeeper alone will have the power to handle the ball with his hand, that too when it is inside the goal area.
  • The team with the greatest number of goals will win the game at the end of ninety minutes.
  • There will be a small break after the first half of the game (45 minutes).
  • The ball should cross the goal line completely to be considered as a goal.
  • The players can slightly touch opponent players while running on the field. However, they should not attack them with consciousness.
  • There are some rewards for the opposing team when a team commits a foul.
  • If a player commits a serious foul, he will get a yellow card or sometimes a red card.


Understand the field markings


Another mistake of people watching football will be the ignorance of field markings.


  • The goal line is the shorter boundary of the field where the goalposts will be there.
  • The side boundaries are known as touchlines. When a player is in contact when it crosses this line, a player from the other team can take the ball.
  • A foul inside the penalty box will lead to a penalty kick for the opponent team.
  • The centre circle is the place where the ball is placed during the start of the play.