How to Use a Baitcaster for the first time

As a beginner, bait caster reels can often be seen as advanced reels, which is usually effortlessly used for more experienced anglers. Some people start out fishing on spinning, and if you’re not accustomed to using these kinds of reels, we recommend that you become accustomed to them before trying the more challenging bait caster reel.

But if you’re already experienced in using these reels, and your next plan is to use a bait caster for the first time, we’ ve put together a practical step-by-step guide on how to use a bait caster for the first time. The primary purpose of this article is to help you prepare mentally for the step!

What is a bait caster reel?

Generally, fishing reels are cylindrical devices that are attached to a fishing rod. The purpose of these reels is to wind and stow-line.

A bait caster reel, which is also known as the conventional reel, is an excellent reel that is used by experienced anglers. One significant advantage of the Baitcaster reel is that it offers you more accuracy and control when you’re casting.

As a result of the durability, strength, and cast accuracy of bait casters, coupled with proper training and experience, you can aim even more significant and more potent fish than before. If you want to keep bettering yourself in your fishing game, the bait caster is a reel you should consider graduating to.

Apart from being accurate and durable, Baitcasters can handle much more substantial, much more potent forms of line. Experienced anglers know that this is necessary when you are targeting much more significant or more significant fish—for example, the monster fish or when you are fishing thick cover.

What is a bait caster combo?

Baitcaster combos are the best option for many yellowbellies, Murray cod, and Australian bass anglers. Baitcaster reel and rod combos provide superior casting accuracy and tight structure in mangrove-lined tropical creeks.

So we recommend that you follow our step-by-step guide below to help you understand some helpful tips and hints of using a bait caster reel to make you avoid the annoying problem of a backlash or a bird’s nest.

Step-by-step guide – How to cast the Baitcasters reel:

Step 1: Set the spool tension properly.

The small dial on the side plate is the tension knob on the bait caster reel. The reel is usually on the same side as the handle. Set up the spool tension correctly to enable you to be able to get your bait caster reel so you can cast properly.  You will need to reset the spool tension every time you change the fishing baits. I will show you how to do it.

The rod tip should be held high up and also reel your lure up, so there is a foot of line out.

Then you tighten the tension knob so you can feel some pressure.

To let the lure fall, push the thumb bar.

Loosen the tension knob to let the lure starts to fall on its own.

Reel it up and do it continuously again until your lure can fall fast without overrunning the spool when it finally hits the ground.

Step 2: Ensure to reel in the line.

At first, what have to do is reel in the line until your bait is 6-12 inches (15 to 30 centimeters) from the tip of the rod. If you have a bobber attached to the front, ensure the inches are not less than 6 to 12 from the tip of the rod.

Step 3: Hold the baitcasting reel properly

Hold the rod behind the reel with your thumb properly resting over the reel spool. Usually, people cast with the same hand they retrieve. But if you instead hold the rod behind the reel when you are recovering, the ensure that you switch sides when you cast.

Step 4: Turn the rod so that the reel handles should point up

In the case of spin casting reels that you may have been accustomed to, doing this allows you to use your wrist when you cast. If you’re left-handed, the handles should point down.

Step 5: Then press the reel spool release button

Most new baitcasting reels have a feature that enables the reel spool to be disengaged from the handles such that they don’t spin during the throw so that you can get longer casts. Yet today, most versions have a release bar behind the spool. And when you let it sit on the reel spool, you click it with your thumb.

Step 6: Bend your casting arm

You need to know how to bend your arm with a baitcasting reel! Bend properly at the elbow so that the crook of your arm is nearly a right angle. Then you raise your rod until so the tip goes slightly past vertical. This is the proper position to cast.

Step 7: Make sure to sweep the rod forward

Sweep the rod forward-about 30 degrees above horizontal until it reaches eye level.

Step 8: Use your thumb to you press down on the reel spool

Make sure to use your thumb to press down on the reel spool to pause the bait when it reaches the target. Know that with baitcasting reels, there is an extra element of risk! You can risk creating a backlash if you don’t press your thumb down soon enough