How to Sanitize Gym Equipment

Gym equipment you use to train is particularly fertile ground for germs. Many people use these machines, and the exercise rooms are generally a warm environment; consequently, they are subject to the proliferation of germs.

Unfortunately, most gyms don’t have dedicated employees to clean equipment between uses, so it’s up to you. Sanitizing tools before and after use can help decrease the number of germs that you may come into contact with.

Make sure to use the products offered by the gym or bring them from home to disinfect and sanitize the equipment before use.

Use the right sanitizing Solution.

Clean the tools with a dampened cloth. Some gyms offer disinfectant wipes, which is excellent for sanitizing machines.

To use a wipe properly, run it over the entire surface of the machine or tool you intend to use. Let it dry completely before use. So the disinfectant has the necessary time to do its duty.

If your gym doesn’t provide disinfectant wipes, bring them from home. You can buy a mini, resalable pack, which is quite practical for training.

Do not use disinfectant wipes on your body. Rubbing them over the face, neck, or arms can cause severe rashes.

Use an ammonia-based Solution to disinfect.

Fill a spray bottle with an ammonia-based solution. Some gyms offer this type of disinfectant (usually contains ammonia), which you can use before or after an exercise. However, if not, you could prepare it at home and bring it with you.

These types of solutions usually contain quaternary ammonium and water. They are safe to use and do an excellent job of removing germs from tools.

However, like I said, you have to let the Solution to dry, to eliminate all germs.

If the gym doesn’t provide a spray, remedy it yourself. You can buy one or make it at home. Mix half a cup of ammonia and two liters of water.

Fill a spray bottle and put it in the gym bag.

Homemade sanitizing Solution

Senior persons love to exercise at home instead of going gym. In addition to that they are prone to get infected. So senior person’s exercise equipment (treadmill, yoga mat, exercise bike etc) is needed to be sanitized before use. In this case you can use homemade sanitizing solution. Mix vinegar, dishwashing liquid, and water to prepare homemade sanitizing solution. It is a natural method for cleaning and sanitizing tools. It is easy to prepare (and cheap) products, safe for you and the machines.

Gyms don’t usually offer such products, so you have to make it at home and pour it into a spray vial. Take it with you to the gym and sanitize the tools before use.

Mix one part of dishwashing detergent and two of vinegar. You can also mix one cup of detergent and two of white vinegar. Any dish soap will do. If you want the tools to be clean, use a scented one.

The Solution based on detergent and vinegar is excellent for devices such as dumbbells and fitness balls, as it does not cause the breakdown of the neoprene coatings.

This Solution is also useful for deodorizing tools. If you haven’t cleaned the mat, you have been doing yoga for a while; it’s great for sanitizing and perfuming it.

Never Use Hazardous cleaners.

Not all the cleaners are the same; some are dangerous as well. So, avoid hazardous or ineffective cleaners. Try to avoid the following:

Bleach: It is a powerful disinfectant that eliminates germs but can be dangerous in the event of incorrect preparation or use. Also, it can ruin clothes (yours or others) and make you take risks in case of inhalation or skin contact.

Borax-based Solution: It’s more natural, but it doesn’t disinfect. It helps to clean; the problem is that it does not eliminate germs.

Sodium bicarbonate: It is another natural product, but it does not disinfect and does not remove germs.

Hydrogen peroxide: If used pure, it can cause rashes and skin irritations.

Final Thought:

Always clean tools before and after use. If the gym does not provide cleaning products, bring them from home. If the gym equipment is not cleaned regularly or does not meet your standards, talk to the manager.