Best Outdoor Sports that help you keep fit

Get ready to take part in your favorite outdoor sport. If you don’t have a favorite game, choose one from our list of the best outdoor sports. Playing outdoor sports can give you much more than you think. Most of these sports are whether free or very cheap.

1.0 NORDIC WALKING:  You can always walk at a good pace or practice what has been called Nordic walking. Nordic walking is something like walking with sticks in your hands. The function of these poles is not to serve as a support, it is to exercise the muscles of the arms, pectorals, back, and abdominals. By using these ‘sticks,’ the walking exercise becomes much more complete. It is ideal for practicing as a family, on any slightly natural beach or park, although it is suitable for asphalt.

2.0 CYCLING: Stop subway, bus, and car, get on the bike. If you go to study and work on a bicycle, you will make all these tedious journeys a moment of exercise. By using bicycle you save money, you pollute zero, and you practice sports. Being an urban cyclist does not have a catch. Of course, always drive with caution, respecting traffic regulations and, if possible, with a good helmet on your head.

3.0 Pickleball: A paddle sports that is suppressed other racket sports like tennis, badminton. More and more institutions and community centers are converting their tennis courts into pickleball courts. If you want to enjoy leisure time with friends, playing pickleball can be a great activity. Pickleball is a fast-growing paddle sport that combines elements of tennis, paddle tennis, badminton, and table tennis. It is easy to learn, fast and fun to play due to the long rallies that take place during the game. Find three colleagues, get pickleball racket, and start playing

4.0 SKATING. Skating is always a safe bet. A dynamic, fun, and perfect sport than can be performed both alone and accompanied, with or without music. You only need a pair of skates, a terrain that suitable to ride on, and beautiful sunny weather. Many bike lanes are appropriate for riding on skates.

5.0 SKATEBOARDING: If you have passed the skating stage, you like speed, and you want stronger emotions; maybe skateboarding is the sport you are looking for. Get a skateboard, and, when you know how to control it, start practicing tricks. The ideal places to practice skateboarding are the skate parks. Skate parks are designed to facilitate skater so that they can perform their ollies, grinds, or other skating movements.

6.0 YOGA. To train body and soul, bet on yoga. This slow but intense discipline serves to put in shape even the smallest of your muscles, while you learn to control what circulates through your head. You can do yoga anywhere, but finding a clearing in the park or a corner on the beach can give your session an extra good feeling. If you learn to do it properly, yoga is a very healthy and rewarding practice.

7.0 TAI CHI:  Tai chi is a unique combat technique designed for hand-to-hand fighting. But nowadays and especially in the West, it is considered as a sport. Thi chi combines the physical and the spiritual, somewhat in the line of yoga with more movement. It is ideal for practicing in groups at open spaces such as parks and gardens.

Final Verdict: When the weather is good, many of us want to enjoy the nature around us and pass as much time as possible outdoors. It is a golden opportunity to practice your favorite sports away from home or from the gym enjoying nature. Disconnect from the routine and take the opportunity to get in shape for the summer and acquire healthy lifestyle habits.