How to learn and memorize the Quran online during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Quran is the most important book in the life of a Muslim. It contains all the guidance and Islamic knowledge that Muslims must have. Allah says in the very second verse of the second chapter of the Quran that it is a book about which there can be no doubt, then He says that it also contains guidance for those who have piety, i.e., those who are conscious of Allah. This is why learning and memorizing the Quran is of the utmost importance for Muslims.

Gaining knowledge is among the most important things any person does in life. This is applicable even more so for Muslims. Allah says in Surah Fatir that only those people fear Allah, who have knowledge. Correct knowledge and understanding of Allah and Islam are necessary to fear Allah. Fearing Allah is needed to submit to His will. Submitting to Allah’s will is what Islam is all about. To do all this, we must learn the Quran.

We can be inspired if we look at the older generations of Muslims starting from Prophet Muhammad (S) and his companions. As Allah revealed His Holy Book to the Prophet (PBUH), he would recite the verses to his companions who would make every effort to memorize it or to note it down. This was the main focus of their lives – to preserve the Quran and to consign it to their memory.

For children, learning the Holy Quran is crucial because they must be exposed to it at a young age. They must learn how to read the Quran when they are small. Parents may also want to make their children hafiz or huffaz, by them memorizing the Quran.

The importance of Quran memorization

Quran memorization is a significant thing in Islam. This was one of Allah’s ways of preserving the Quran as it was originally. As Prophet Muhammad (S) recited the verses to the band of Muslims, they would memorize the Quran. At the time, the number of Muslims was small, but almost all of them at least memorized some parts of the Quran. As the number of Muslims grew, the number of people memorizing the Quran also increased. When the Muslims compiled the Quran into a book, it was thanks to the memorizers and the people who had written down parts of the Quran.

Nowadays, Quran memorization is also very popular with millions of Muslims all over the world who are huffaz (people who have done hifz of the Quran). This is an excellent way for a person to come close to the Quran. In the 21st century, the concept of globalization and secularism have combined to corrupt the hearts and minds of many Muslims. If they get close to the Quran and have a good understanding of Islam, that is unlikely to happen.

Quran memorization is also one of the things that makes Islam and Muslims unique. No other religious text has been memorized by so many people. There are many Quran memorizers in several countries around the world. They can recite the complete Quran from memory. Hence, no one can ever claim that the Quran has been altered, as was the case with other religious books of the past. If those books were memorized as well, perhaps that may not have been the case.

Benefits of learning Quran online

Learning Quran online has several benefits. In the current situation during the COVID-19 pandemic, the first and foremost benefit is that of being able to study from the comfort and convenience of one’s home.

Another important and beneficial aspect is the flexibility. You can take Quran classes according to the various timings that suit you. Some people have different schedules while some are working, etc., and may have to study at odd times. All that is compatible with online studies.

With no physical or direct interaction, studying the Quran online is the ultimate safe method of learning the Quran. Parents will be especially pleased with this because it means that their children are entirely secure while studying.

Learning Quran online is overall extremely convenient. We save time as there is no need to travel. Children will also feel comfortable studying while they are relaxed at their own homes, which allows them to focus completely on their studies.

Online Quran academy usually have competitive prices. Other methods of Quran learning can be quite expensive. With lots of competition in the online market and teachers always on the lookout for students, prices are generally quite affordable.

Online Quran classes are internationally available. A student can study online no matter where they may be located, as long as they have a capable internet connection and a device that can connect to the internet. This is primarily a blessing for Muslims in the West who may not have access to other types of Quran classes.

One on one lessons and enjoyable teaching methods really enhances the studying experience. For students, this provides the best opportunity of making consistent progress. Children can maintain focus on studying and approach lessons in a proactive and positive manner.

What is the best age for memorizing the Quran?

The best age for a person to begin memorizing the Quran is during their childhood. Children are generally more to learning and memorizing, whereas once they grow older, the ability to memorize decreases, and critical thinking and understanding improves. The ideal age to start can vary from child to child. However, around the age of five is an excellent option for starting kids with Quran memorization classes.

This does not mean that older people can not memorize the Quran. On the contrary, it is entirely possible. However, it is more difficult, and memorization is ideal for children. Saad al-Ghamdi, one of the most well-known Quran reciters, memorized the Quran when he was 22 years old, according to reports. While it may be possible to memorize the Quran during adulthood, people must keep things such as work and other responsibilities in consideration.

So, we can deduce that for parents who want their children to memorize the Quran, they should get their children involved in this process at a tender age. Of course, the first priority should be on understanding how to read the Arabic Quran. Once the reading aspect is firmly established, then they can move toward the actual process of memorization.

One thing that parents should do to make it easier for children is to inculcate the love of the Quran in them from a young age. Frequently reciting the Quran around the child is an excellent way to do this. The child must be exposed a lot to the Quran in his or her early years so that they have a natural inclination toward Allah’s Holy Book.

Tips for parents who want their child to memorize Quran

The best way parents can help children is by setting an example. Children, especially young ones, often love imitating their parents and following what they do. So, if a parent frequently recites the Quran in the presence of the child, it can inspire the child. He or she may develop an interest or even love for the Quran. After that, learning the Quran and memorizing it will be relatively easier.

It will also be of great help if parents make children aware of Allah, Islam, and religious obligations from a young age. Once again, engaging in activities such as salah (prayer) in front of them can be a great way to encourage them. At the same time, parents should also keep them away from haram things such as music, which can prove to be a significant distraction. Once the child understands what memorizing the Quran is all about, parents can tell them about the benefits and rewards of doing so.

Next is the actual process of learning how to read the Quran. Parents can do this themselves or hire an online Quran tutor if required. As the child becomes mature enough to start the process of Quran memorization, parents should hire a qualified and experience online Quran teacher for them. The preferred method is via online Quran academies.

Parents should stay involved in the process of learning. Regularly engaging with the child and monitoring his or her progress is essential. Frequent interaction with the teacher can help both parents and teacher understand how and at which pace the child should progress. Parents should show appreciation of progress and perhaps provide incentives such as gifts or surprises for the child.

Tips for adults who want to memorize the Quran

Memorizing the Quran as an adult is an entirely different experience. Adults have a lot of responsibilities and must be cognizant of them while devising a plan for Quran memorization. The first thing to ensure is having the right intention. We must memorize the Quran for Allah’s sake and Islam only. If we memorize it to please others, to win praise from people, or due to societal pressure, then that isn’t the correct approach.

To conceive of a Quran memorization plan, the first thing you need is a regular schedule. You must adhere to a specific Quran memorization routine to ensure that you do it on a regular basis. Make sure that you commit a certain amount of time for this every day. Be disciplined in your approach. However, have a backup contingency plan for unusual cases and situations.

You must ensure that you recite the Quran properly and with the correct Tajweed. This is a good way to make yourself more committed and involved with the Quran memorization project. This is also the proper way to go about it because we must give the Quran its due rights. Understanding the meaning of the Quran is also helpful because then people have working knowledge of the Quran while memorizing it.

You must make the Quran a part of your day to day life. Listen to the Quran for a while instead of watching the TV, or while commuting or driving. When you offer your prayers, you can recite some of the Quran that you memorized earlier for practice and to be sure that you remember it. If you can get a partner who listens to your Quran recitation, that is ideal to pick up on any mistakes.

Benefits of Quran memorization

In a Hadith from Jami at-Tirmidhi, the Prophet (PBUH) said that on the Day of Judgment, the one who memorized the Quran would come. The reward for reciting the Quran will ask Allah to decorate him. Allah will then give him a crown of nobility. After that, it will ask Allah to be pleased with the person. Allah will be pleased with him and will ask him to recite. With each verse the reciter recites, Allah will increase his reward.

In a Hadith in Sahih al-Bukhari, the Prophet (PBUH) said that the best of Muslims are those who learn and teach the Holy Quran.

Another important benefit of knowing the Quran is regarding prayer leaders. In a Hadith in Sahih al-Bukhari, Muhammad (S) said that the person who knows the most Quran should lead the prayer.


We must always remember that as with any other task, learning and memorizing the Quran will have its ups and downs. On some days, things will be easy, and on other days, they will be difficult. We must always persevere at all times and do our best. We must not get disheartened or lose patience. Learning the Quran for the sake of Allah is a noble deed, and if we persist with it, then Allah will help us.

In an agreed-upon Hadith, the Prophet (PBUH) said that when Allah wishes well for someone, he gives him the understanding of deen. The ultimate goal of learning and memorizing the Quran is to become good Muslims and fulfill our purpose in life. That is, to worship Allah alone. So we must learn the Quran to further that objective. Aisha (r.a.) said in a Sahih Muslim Hadith that the character of Muhammad (S) was the Quran.

Learning the Quran is of utmost importance for all of us, especially those who live in the West. Muslims in the West are exposed to a lot of everyday trials, and in order to counter that, we must be firmly grounded in our religion. Knowledge about Islam is the best and simplest way we can do this.

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