Difference between traditional offline Quran teaching and advanced online Quran teaching

Learning the Quran is a matter of immense importance. The Prophet (PBUH) said that the best of Muslims are those who learn and teach the Quran. The Quran is the ultimate book of guidance for all Muslims. Allah revealed the Quran as His Word for all of humankind. It contains the knowledge that Muslims must have in order to live life according to Islam. Allah says that He created human beings to worship Him. The Quran contains all the knowledge we need about worshiping Allah, which is why Quran teaching is of immense importance.

Learning the Quran is of more importance now than ever. Most Muslim majority countries are facing many problems, including weak economies. This means that many Muslims are always in awe of the West and their advancements. On the other hand, Muslims in the West itself face other problems such as fitna (trials). Hence, they are in dire need of Quran teaching and learning so that they can stay firm on the right path.

Quran teaching and learning are of various types. The more traditional offline method is to teach the Quran to students at Quran institutions or in mosques. The modern and technology-based online method is to teach the Quran online. This method is ideal in many situations and is also growing fast due to the many advantages it offers in comparison with traditional methods.

Traditional Quran teaching

This is the method of Quran teaching that has been common over the ages and has mostly been utilized for most of the past 1,400 years. With this teaching method, students go to either a Quran learning institution or a mosque. This is where online Quran teachers usually impart their knowledge to students.

Most forms of traditional Quran classes are group classes. A number of students collectively study under one teacher. The teacher teaches a lesson to the class, then takes out a short period of time to dedicate to each student. With this method, the students shoulder much of the responsibility because the teacher is focused on a number of students.

This traditional method is very rewarding in Islam. It involves going to a specific place just to learn the Quran. Hence, a person gains Allah’s reward for merely going to and from such a place.

Another rapidly evolving traditional Quran teaching method is when teachers go to students’ homes and teach them there. However, this is quite different as it involves one on one classes with the teacher and student being in direct proximity.

Advanced online Quran teaching

Online Quran teaching is fast becoming the most popular Quran teaching method. It offers immense convenience to students as well as teachers. Teaching and learning from home completely remove the aspect of travel and having to go from place to place. With classes being held online entirely, time is no barrier. Students can study at the time that suits them, and teachers can also teach whenever it’s suitable for them.

This method of teaching offers a lot of options and flexibility. Studying online means anyone can study anywhere in the world. This is of particular importance in Western countries where there may be few if any traditional Quran learning institutions. This often leads to Western Muslims struggling with their identity and failing to practice their religion. Learning Quran online mitigates such factors.

Online Quran academies offer specialized courses for different aspects of Quran learning. Quran teachers also have more options as a broader spectrum of topics are covered. Due to the competitive nature and market of online teaching, only the best and most dedicated teachers are likely to find success in these roles.

The direct one on one nature of online Quran teaching means that things are easier for teachers and students. Teachers find it easier to deal with one student at a time and can focus on that particular student. At the same time, students will also be more comfortable with having the teacher’s undivided focus and attention.

Duties of a Quran teacher

A Quran teacher is not only there to teach the student how to read the Quran. He or she also enables the student to focus on their overall lifestyle so that the student can improve as a Muslim and implement what they learn.

The teacher must show the student the importance of the Quran and why Allah’s word must be obeyed at any cost. It is not only a book to read or memorize, but it contains teaching that all Muslims must try and implement in their day to day lives. Teachers can play an important role in the overall development of their students.

Quran teaching is Sadaqah Jaariah

The Prophet (PBUH) said that when a person dies, his acts come to an end except in three instances: recurring charity, pious offspring who pray for him, and knowledge that benefits people.

Teachers fall in this third category of people who impart knowledge toward others. When they teach their students something positive, and their student later acts upon that, they get a share of the reward. Then if the student further passes on that knowledge, the teacher will keep getting a share of the reward.

Other benefits of teaching the Quran

Muhammad (S) said that we should not want to be like someone except for two types of people. One is the person who Allah blesses with wealth, which that person spreads in charity. The second is the person who Allah gives wisdom to, and the person acts upon that wisdom and also teaches it to others.

The Prophet (PBUH) also said that the best of Muslims are those who learn the Quran and also teach it to others. There are many good things one can do in Islam, but the Prophet (PBUH) chose to single out Quran teaching as the best act, showing its importance.

All these Hadith show us that Allah placed immense emphasis on gaining knowledge. It was due to this that Quran teachers have always been so highly valued in Islam and amongst Muslims. May Allah bless us all with the best teachers and also provide us with the ability to teach others.