How to Jailbreak Roku TV

As far as we know, everyone who is looking to jailbreak Roku is trying to get to watch movies and TV series on Roku for free. Having KODI in Roku is the simplest way to get what we are looking for. Roku is one of the streaming sticks available on the market for Smart TVs today. Also, Roku already offers many free channels of movies, series, documentaries and TV shows as standard. But if you are still looking for a method to jailbreak Roku, you are in the right place since we are going to tell you how to do it.

Technically, Roku cannot be jailbroken. And even without doing it KODI can be installed on Roku. KODI is one of the best applications to watch streaming videos and music on any device, it is very flexible and can be used on almost all devices, be they televisions, smartphones or PCs. But, for some reason, KODI cannot be used directly on Roku. But rest assured, we have a solution for you.

How to stream KODI on Roku?

We can indirectly stream KODI content on Roku. We will need a PC with Windows installed or an Android device. This process will require the use of Cast functionality. Currently, the use of the Cast feature is only available for use in Roku 3. So anything you read in this article will apply only to the Roku 3 Streaming stick. You can manage the Roku setup easily.

What is KODI?

KODI is an open-source project, and therefore anyone can make modifications to it to add new features. It is a very simple application that makes possible the transmission of videos and music between devices, although it is almost useless without the proper plugins/add-ons. Exodus is one of the best-known plugins for KODI, many people use it as it is considered the best plugin to stream videos on KODI.

KODI is an application for entertainment. Whether on a smartphone (Android or iPhone), a PC, a Mac or a Smart TV. KODI is available to all types of users regardless of the device they use, which is phenomenal. We have quite a few guides about KODI on our website, we recommend that you take a look at them.

Trick to use KODI and jailbreak Roku

Users can use this simple trick to jailbreak Roku and use it on KODI. we can simply use an HDMI cable and relay the signal from the Android device to Roku. In this way, we can use KODI in Roku. It is a very easy installation that can be done by anyone as it does not involve any advanced technical knowledge.

Can Roku be used without installing KODI?

Of course. Using Roku without KODI is the safest way to enjoy the latest TV shows and movies. Granted, some of the channels or movies will not be available, but you can enjoy almost all commercial offers completely free without worrying about illegal moves. Many people wonder: Is KODI illegal? , the answer is no! KODI is simply a program that helps transmit videos in real-time, it is also available in the Google Play Store. Instead, add-ons or plugins like Exodus are what make using KODI illegal.

We already wrote an article about it in the guide to stream KODI on Roku. So you can also go to it for more information. We hope you’ve learned a few things about how to jailbreak Roku. We have more interesting articles at Remember to check them out before you leave.