How to hack Android games without root

Easily hack your Android games without having superuser permissions on your device thanks to the different applications that we present below such as Lucky Patcher, Creehack or Leo PlayCard

The list of Latest MOD APK that Android users can have on their devices is practically infinite downloaded both from the Google Play Store and from other alternative app stores. These games, classified into all kinds of categories, (action, racing, strategy, kids, survival horror , puzzle and skill games …) have already become one of the preferred ways for many to spend their free time now. As a result, developments focused on simplifying or improving the gaming experience, more or less legally depending on the case, have been multiplying in recent years.

Gun Strike 2, Watch out Zombies !, Hungry Shark Evolution, Pou, Candy Crash Saga, Monster Dash, Dan the Man… I’m sure all these names will ring a bell. They are world famous games, with millions of users. However, due to excessive publicity, its complication in gathering resources or money or its simple level of difficulty, the player can get frustrated , stay stuck for days on the same point and even end up abandoning it. In such situations, a solution (morally questionable and clearly illegal) is to hack the game.


The ‘no root hack’ is already a reality

A while ago, this type of action required a very complex process for a regular Android user and having a rooted device. Now, thanks to certain applications, you can hack an Android game without being root, that is, without having to get superuser permissions on the device. In this post, we will explain how to hack Android games without root easily, always under the user’s own responsibility , of course. On the one hand, the player is hurting developers who make a living from it, and on the other, he risks a lifelong ban on his favorite game. Not to mention that the game itself can lose all its grace if you have infinite money, more speed, all unlocked cars or all the best characters.


There are many applications capable of hacking Android games without root. Today we are going to describe the most complete ones so that the interested party can choose the most appropriate one for their needs, in addition to explaining the process to hack Android games with Lucky Patcher, step by step, one of the most complete and best-rated apps.


How we can hack Android games with Lucky Patcher without root

The use of Lucky Patcher has been extended to levels totally unsuspected by its great ability to hack games by removing Google ads, modifying the app’s permissions, deactivating the mandatory registration or making free in-app payments , for example, among other actions. “doubtful” at best.


After installing the APK file

Green: applications from which the user can obtain a license without registering.

Yellow: Applications for which there are specific patches.

Blue: applications that include Google ads or ads .

Violet: applications from the boot list.

Orange: system application that is not recommended to be manipulated.

With apps ready with the last three colors in the list, nothing can (or should) be done. In the case of those marked in green or blue, it is enough to follow the automatic steps that the application is showing the user so that it manages to remove Google advertising from the game or obtain the license easily and without having to pay.


The interesting thing comes with the games listed in yellow, the color that marks the existence of specific patches and these are the steps to follow to get crack them:


Step 1 : Download the specific patches available for the installed applications from the Application Settings (the icon at the top right of the interface).

Step 2 : select the application you want to modify.

Step 3 : select the option “Open patch menu” and “Create a modified .apk”.

Step 4 : choose the patch you want to run (APK with specific patch, APK without license verification, APK recompiled for InApp and LVL emulation or APK with Modified permissions and Activities) and one of the available versions.

Step 5 : keep the settings as Automatic and touch the “Recompile application” button.

Step 6 : wait to see the patch results. The app will indicate the successful processes in green and those that have failed in red.

Step 7 : if the result of the patch is satisfactory, touch “Go to file”.

Step 8 : To replace the original application with the modified APK, tap “Uninstall and install”.